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Thursday, March 30, 2023

SpaceX is partnering with a Canadian tech startup to launch a digital Billboard Advertising in space

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A  collaboration is being formed in order to launch a digital billboard into orbit. SpaceX is reportedly joining hands with a new Canadian tech business for this space partnership.

Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) is teaming up with SpaceX to put a small advertising satellite into orbit. The collaboration was announced by Samuel Reid, CEO and co-founder of (GEC). 

The satellite will include a screen on one side where people and businesses can bid to display their logos and adverts, as well as a “selfie stick” that will take images of the advertisements with the Earth in the background. Fortunately, the system will not be visible from the ground – though others have considered such a system.

Reid said, “There might be companies which want to depict their logo… or it might end up being a bit more personal and artistic. Maybe Coca-Cola and Pepsi will fight over their logo and reclaim over each other.”

The process of buying advertising space on the satellite is a little complicated, but it’s also quite interesting.For one thing, anyone will be able to buy digital advertising space as long as they pay more than someone else who is bidding.

To stake pixel space on the satellite, you’ll also need to buy tokens. You will be able to purchase the following tokens:

Gamma regulates the display’s brightness; Kappa determines the colour; Beta determines the X coordinate; Rhoe decides the Y coordinate; and Xi defines the duration your ad will be displayed. Tokens will also be available for purchase using cryptocurrency.

Reid stated that he hopes to make Dogecoin an accepted form of payment in the future.

SpaceX has yet to remark on this collaboration, so it’s possible that it won’t happen at all.

But, Reid is dreaming big with the proposed partnership.

He says. “I’m trying to achieve something that can democratize access to space and allow for decentralized participation. Hopefully, people don’t waste money on something inappropriate, insulting or offensive.”

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