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How ChatGPT is Revolutionizing Customer Support for Indian Startups

Personalization and support from GPT chatbots, like ChatGPT, are changing India's startup customer relations. Natural language processing and machine learning enable these AI assistants...

Otipy: The agritech startup that uses AI to connect consumers to farmers

Otipy, a farm-to-fork agritech platform, connects consumers, resellers, and farmers to provide fresh produce within 12 hours. AI and business intelligence help the startup...

Startup Reporter Releases Business Icons of D2C 2023 with the opening of Global Innovation Summit  IMC 2023 

– Startup Reporter, the leading platform for startups and entrepreneurs’ news is pleased to announce the Top 30 Business Icons of 2023. This...

Boon: Meet the mother-son duo that built a startup for sustainable water solutions

Watertech startup Boon, founed by Vibha Tripathi and Advait Kumar, reduces plastic waste and improves clean water access. Over 300 clients and five lakh...
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Appalla Saikiran: The 20-year-old who runs a global networking platform to help startups raise funds

Appalla Saikiran founded and runs Scope App, a global networking platform that simplifies startup fundraising. Saikiran is one of the TOI #Unstoppable21 Indians under...

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