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What makes avocados environmentally problematic?

Opting for fair trade or organically grown avocados can reduce human and biodiversity impacts, although certification processes remain imperfect. Global demand surge for avocados...

Indian cuisines that’s waiting to be in the limelight on GlobalPlate

Beyond the well-known Flavors of India lies a treasure trove of lesser-known Indian cuisines, waiting to be discovered and savoured on the global platformIndian...

World Hunger Day 2024: A Call to Action for Children Starving to Death in Gaza

As the world observes World Hunger Day, Gaza faces a critical food crisis. Children are starving as Israeli conflict disrupts aid and healthcare. Learn...

Drink to Ramadan: 4 Special Recipes to Complement Your Iftar Celebrations

Muslims globally fast every day from dawn to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan and refrain from all forms of food and beverages....
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Start Your Day Right and Lose Weight: South Indian Breakfasts Lead the Way

You might feel like dancing when you see a steaming dish of chole bhature or luchi torkari (Bengali poori and potato curry) for breakfast,...

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