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Indian startup DealShare gets $45M from Abu Dhabi Investment Authority for global expansion

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority ( ADIA) has put its money in an Indian social commerce startup. The amount that DealShare got would help it...

Meet Vaibhav Anant whose startup Bambrew makes eco-friendly packaging for Amazon, earns Rs 2 cr a month

Vaibhav Anant quit his job to launch a startup that uses bamboo and wood pulp to make eco-friendly packaging. Bambrew supplies its packaging to...

Know why to have a startup even though idea has already been invented

You may ask why should you build a startup when there aren't many brilliant ideas and and there's no use in creating a second...

Nellikkuzhi Kurian left his Dubai business, toiled for 20 years to build biodiversity park with 4800 plant species

An engineer left his business in Dubai to build a biodiversity park. Mango Meadows Agriculture Pleasure Land, built by Nellikkuzhi Kuriakkose Kurian, houses 4800...
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Fluxon’s founder Erad Fridman worked for Google after coding at the age of 6

A man who founded product development firm, Fluxon, was an early developer at Google. Erad Fridman started coding when he was 6-years-old.When Erad Fridman...

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