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Celebrities want better education, no poverty in India

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It takes a celebrity to bring a change in the world, as no one also actually listens to our political leaders. People normally think that these leaders have got political motives in what they say.

Several celebrities have again come forward to talk about what they would like to be changed in India, from better education to eradication of poverty.

Jasmin Bhasin feels that edducation is the most crucial thing that has to happen in a country like ours. That is the foundation of how everything works in our country, according to her.

Ms Bhasin says, “We need to educate people and make sure that they put this education to good use by providing them with suitable employment opportunities.”

Another celebrity, Vijayendra Kumeria, believes we should first work on removing poverty from our country. According to him, that is the most important thing we can do for the people of our country. The second point to consider is education.

Kumeria says there are still parts in our country that do not encourage girls’ education. He wants this to change.

Aly Goni echoes what Kumeria says. Aly wants everyone in India to get three meals a day. 

He says: “In our country, the poverty rate is the highest. And it is very tough to get 1-2 meals a day for a daily wage worker. Running water, electricity, shelter, education for everyone…these things are also a must. More than half of our population is below the poverty line. I want our government should think about that rather than making statues. Let’s give them jobs, give them food.”

Yet another celebrity, Sharad Malhotra, wants dog shelters to come up in every area as he says pets give unconditional love yet they are not taken care of as we can see stray dogs all over.

Let’s wait and watch how these changes will made for a better India. 

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