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Friday, June 14, 2024

Check out Virat Kohli’s new look: A rural Rajasthani makeover by an artist!

Cricketer Virat Kohli of India is renowned for both his colourful appearance and daring batting. The arms of the Delhi youngster are covered in numerous tattoos, and many of his admirers strive to imitate his hairdo and beard. Can you see Kohli in a rustic Rajasthani avatar, though?

Teju Jangid, a Jodhpur-based artist and cartoonist, developed a digital portrayal of Kohli as a Rajasthani peasant.

He added a locket, a kurta, and also a red-coloured turban to Kohli’s photo, in which he is wearing a Test shirt. He also handed him a stick in his hand and thickened his beard and moustache. As a result, Kohli became into a peasant from Rajasthan.

Kohli recently indulged his inner child by posing for pictures at an indoor playground. In a kid-friendly indoor play area, Kohli could be seen ascending a children’s swing while beaming.


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