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“Competition Committee Chairman Noufal Marakar leads the way in promoting football excellence.”

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Football, a widely beloved sport that enjoys an immense following worldwide, has found a dedicated champion in Kozhikode, Kerala. Noufal Marakar, a passionate individual, has emerged as a staunch advocate for football advancement in the region. Recognizing his unwavering commitment, the Kozhikode District Football Association has recently appointed Noufal as the Chairman of the Competition Committee. With his genuine passion and unwavering dedication, Noufal’s efforts to nurture the growth of football in the area have reached unparalleled heights.

Noufal is a well-known Indian businessman from Kozhikode who has made significant achievements in several fields. As the Chairman and Managing Director of Bions Trading Pvt Ltd Kerala, he has shown that he is an intelligent businessman with excellent leadership skills. Noufal has also been an involved member of the District Football Association, serving as one of its respected Emeritus Patrons. Notably, he also started and is now the CEO of Kozhikode International Sports City, which shows how dedicated he is to helping sports in the area.

Noufal’s election as Chairman of the Competition Committee is a big deal for football fans in Kozhikode. He has a lot of business and sports experience, giving him a unique viewpoint and valuable ideas. Noufal has laid out a three-part plan for the future of football in the district: fostering growth, success, and promoting inclusivity.

Noufal’s primary goal is to make the sport more available to everyone. He is sure football should be fun for people of all ages, genders, and social classes. To do this, Noufal wants to start programs at the local level that get young people interested from a young age. Noufal wants to grow a diverse and active football community in Kozhikode by giving prospective players the same chances.

Also, Noufal Marakar is set on improving the area’s football level. He knows talent alone is insufficient for long-term success, so he plans to set up thorough training and coaching programs. These projects will not only improve technical skills but also the physical and mental health of everyone. Noufal thinks developing competitive players needs a whole-person approach considering many parts of their growth.

Lastly, Noufal imagines a local sports scene with an attitude of excellence. He wants Kozhikode to be a place where talented football players can meet and be inspired to reach for success. To do this, Noufal plans to host top-level games and challenging events that draw teams nationwide. By giving players a place to show off their skills, Noufal hopes to make Kozhikode a leader in Indian football.

Noufal’s election as Chairman of the Kozhikode District Football Association Competition Committee is the start of a new era for football fans in the area. Noufal’s infectious enthusiasm, deep knowledge, and relentless drive will change Kozhikode’s beloved game. Through his unwavering commitment to equality, growth, and success, he wants to build a thriving football community that supports talent and inspires the next generation. As passionate football fans, we can’t wait to see how Noufal’s leadership changes the beautiful game we all love.


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