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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Congress asks 9 questions as PM Modi’s govt completes 9 years

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The Modi Govt will complete 9 years on May 30, 2023. The Congress party has hence asked PM Modi 9 questions on the completion of his administration’s 9th year.

On the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s completion of nine years in government, the Congress party on Friday posed nine questions to him on topics such as increasing prices, unemployment, and the income of farmers, and sought an apology for the “betrayal” that occurred during his time in office.

This day ought to be celebrated by the government as “Maafi Diwas,” according to the opposition parties as well.

At a news conference held at the headquarters of the All India Congress Committee in New Delhi, party general secretary in-charge communications Jairam Ramesh stated that the nine questions are based on significant problems that had been highlighted by former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Ramesh, who was joined by party officials Pawan Khera and Supriya Shrinate, also distributed a booklet titled “Nau saal, Nau sawaal.” He stated that since Modi became the prime minister on this day nine years ago, the party would want to ask him nine questions about his time in office.

Ramesh asserted, “We want the PM to break his silence on these nine questions,” and he listed the inquiries. He questioned the prime minister, “Why is it that inflation and unemployment are skyrocketing in India?” The prime minister did not have an answer for him. Why have the wealthy gotten even wealthier and the poor gotten even poorer? Why are government assets being sold to close associates of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a time when economic inequality is growing?

Ramesh further inquired as to the reasons why the agreements that were reached with farmers throughout the process of abolishing the three “black” agricultural laws have not been honored, as well as the reasons why the minimum support price has not been legally guaranteed. He questioned why, during the course of the previous nine years, the income of farmers had not doubled.

Ramesh raised the question of why the prime minister would put the people’s hard-earned investments in LIC and SBI at risk for the benefit of his “friend” Adani, while at the same time accusing the government of engaging in corrupt practices and cronyism.

“Why are you allowing thieves to get away from you? “Why are you keeping quiet about the rampant corruption in states that are governed by the BJP, and why are you allowing Indians to suffer?” he questioned.

Concerning the matter of national security, Ramesh stated that Congress wants to know “why is it that even after your clean chit to China in 2020, they continue to occupy Indian territory?” Ramesh said this in response to a question posed by the Speaker of the House.

He also questioned why the “politics of hatred” was being utilized intentionally for the purpose of gaining political gains, and he asserted that an atmosphere of fear was being fostered in society.

“Why are you remaining mute in the face of the atrocities that are being committed against women, Dalits, SC, ST, OBCs, and other minority groups? In yet another line of questioning, Ramesh said, “Why are you ignoring the demand for a caste census?” In addition, he cast doubt on the administration’s commitment to federalism and democracy, claiming that, over the last nine years, the government has “weaken[ed]” our commitment to the Constitution’s ideals and democratic institutions.

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