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Cops can lose their jobs; Strict instructions issued for reel-video makers while on duty

Police officers who create videos and reels while on duty should exercise caution as this pastime could potentially jeopardize their employment. As per the directives released by the authorities, individuals who are found guilty may face not only departmental consequences but also the possibility of losing their job.

It has been observed that police officers frequently engage in the creation of social media content, such as reels and videos, while carrying out their official duties. According to recent directives, any repetition of this behaviour may result in departmental consequences and even termination of employment. The Bihar Police has issued a warning to all police officers in the state regarding this matter.

In light of the prevalent issue of excessive mobile phone usage, the Bihar Police has issued a stern warning to all police personnel, cautioning them against creating reels and videos while on duty. A letter issued on May 15 has instructed all personnel to refrain from creating and sharing reels and videos on social media. Any police officer who violates the order will be subject to departmental action and may even face termination.

What were the instructions provided in the letter?

According to a letter that has been released, it has been observed that certain police officers have been excessively showcasing their arms, ammunition, uniforms, and confidential information on public platforms. Not only is it a violation, but it also has an impact on their work and ability to concentrate. As per the latest development, the policemen who failed to adhere to the regulations will face consequences. On June 1, 2021, Bihar Police issued a letter, however, its effectiveness remains in question.


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