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Covid-19: Viral video shows Colarodo woman saying germs fortify our immunity while licking all things in supermarket

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A shocking video that has gone viral on all social media platforms shows  a woman, from Colorado, licking all the things that she touches in supermarket. Jodie Meschuk also makes strange claims about germs fortifying our immunity.

Netizens have been irked by the video, in which Meschuk is seen licking all the things that she touches with her hands, from the trolley handle to the fridge door handle in the supermarket.

The Colorado woman engages in this unusual act without a mask or gloves, as she wants to ‘disprove’ COVID-19 and other viruses that may co-exist in every public place she visits. Meschuk makes bizarre statements in her videos, like “germs strengthen your immune system” and “exposure to germs builds defences against asthma and allergies.”

She ends the video by urging everyone to choose “love” over “fear.”

Meschuk is a popular figure in the ‘anti-vaxx’ community.

But, her claims  misinform  people  about Covid-19 and deter them from obtaining the vaccine. Meschuk’s shocking video became popular on Twitter and other social media platforms for obvious reasons.

Netizens were not only disgusted, but also enraged by her irresponsibility. “Pandemic or not,” one person commented, “this is still terrible.”

“Most people who don’t take COVID and its variants seriously and purposefully violate safety procedures end up with the viruses, in the hospital, or dead,” another user explained.

There have been numerous reports of people deliberately licking products and surfaces in supermarkets and filimg it. These “licking videos” are then often posted on social media sites like TikTok, Snapchat or YouTube for all to see.

Deliberately licking and coughing on things in this way, during a pandemic, spreads fear and disgust, along with the health risks. This is what’s known as “consumer terrorism” where dangerous substances are introduced to food or other consumer products, that put people’s health at risk. Sometimes done just for fun, and sometimes with criminal intent or even extortion, in extreme cases threats of chemical agents and neurotoxins have been used.

The costs of replacing products and deep-cleaning premises is substantial – particularly so for small businesses. Online pranking it may be, but it’s still tampering with products and can carry serious penalties. In the US, for example, one man was charged with domestic terrorism for allegedly licking products in supermarkets and putting people’s health at risk.

There have been numerous stories of people licking products and surfaces at supermarkets with the intent of recording it.

These “licking videos” are frequently shared on social media platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube.

During a pandemic, deliberately licking and coughing on things in this manner spreads dread and disgust, as well as the health hazards.

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