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Czarina Of Healing Techniques Vandana Sharma Bestowed With Economic Times Change Maker 2022

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There are few changemakers in the world who are impacting society in a very big and positive way. These transformers have contributed in many ways to enhancing the quality of life, livelihoods of the community, and economy and made the world a better place. Referred to as The Power of Powers Inventor, Master, teacher and facilitator, Vandana Sharma has an unmatched presence in the world of Energy Healing, special astrology and Vastu science with her unique inventions. She is the most Powerful healer of all times and the purest soul on earth in current times and a part of divine force herself. In order to recognise & honour this changemaker achievement, the Prestigious Economic Times Change Makers Award was conferred to Vandana Sharma at a ceremony held at Juhu Novotel, Mumbai, on 20 July 2022.

Acknowledged to possess controlling healing powers, the empowered woman has faced incredible come-back stories, stood strong despite challenges and set a benchmark for excellence in her field across the whole world. 

The spiritual and powerful entrepreneur Vandana Sharma has been credited with conceiving the most advanced versions of Astrology & Vastu- the SaEnergy Astrology and SaEnergy Vastu. She is said to be the inventor of the most powerful healing technique in the world – “The Power of Powers. She is an entrepreneur and a self-motivated woman.

While talking to the media at the event, Vandana Sharma said she had a special connection with Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga, and Lord Hanuman since childhood. Again, as she grew, the development of a unique association with Goddess Sekhmet, Goddess ISIS, and the Creator/Universe made her what she is today. She claims to receive healing powers directly from these divine sources during a deep meditative state on the fateful month of October 2016. It was a blessing for her to become the chosen one on earth to interact directly with The Power of Powers- The most powerful and the purest form of divine energy in this universe. The reason why is she is attributed to be the daughter of that Power of powers in her past.

The biggest example of her attainment of the Power to heal comes from the fact that she has gotten rid of her all-health issues such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Hernia, Hypothyroidism, and Low Blood Pressure, Heart Problem completely. In fact, she is the only person on this earth probably to heal her Hernia without any surgery.

Vandana started healing friends, family and relatives. She started practising as a freelancer for a few years. After gathering different testimonials and receiving exemplary results from her healing techniques, she decided to expand her horizon. It was December 2019 when the gifted soul founded Sekhem Healing Centre private limited along with her husband and sons, who are also energy healers. The main objective of establishing the centre is to heal every individual in pain and to bust myths prevailing around spirituality & healing process, if any.

Vandana Sharma is the Chairperson and Main Healer of Sekhem Healing Centre and the most powerful of all. She is an excellent time traveller and has the ability to heal past/future. She can read your subconscious mind very clearly, and she is capable of transforming your entire life and healing any human, plant, animal and machine. The centre has more than 50 types of healing services and programs for issues related to emotional, physical, financial, mental, and relationships.
She is transforming many people’s lives every day across the globe. She started a “Bring a smile on every face on this planet” mission during the covid pandemic and healed more than 7000 covid patients for free and revived them from critical condition. She is an amazing individual, mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Completely dedicated to her work, Vandana Sharma’s healing is like a magical experience for every client. The whole planet is blessed to have her. Website – www.sekhemhealingcentre.com

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