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Daily Skin Care Routine in Summer with Glutone: Tackling Photodamage And Tan

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Summer is here and so is the time for pool parties, beach parties, and vacations. When it comes to beach parties, undoubtedly, you need to have an effective skincare routine to keep your skin protected from tanning.

Sun is harsh in summer, and therefore, keeping the skin hydrated is essential. However, hydrating skin is not enough. We need to protect the skin from harmful effects caused by the intense heat and UV rays. Sunscreens applied topically are helpful but protect only the applied body part for a limited period. Moreover, sunscreens lose their SPF (sun protection) and need to be reapplied with time and don’t offer complete protection from UV rays too. So, how can we concrete the skin defence without compromising a beach party? 

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We’ll provide three steps that you can follow to fight out the tan and photodamage. Let’s first understand the meaning of skin tan and photodamaged skin.

Sun Tan

Tanning refers to a skin darkening process in which the skin tone gets darker when exposed to the sun’s rays. Sun rays and heat lead to an increase in oxidative stress and inflammation under the skin. This promptly calls for increased melanin production leading to a darker appearance. Short exposure to the sun leads to a tan which is short-lived and may be reversed slowly without any trouble. However, longer exposure to the intense sun causes tan which stays longer and may need special attention and care.

Photodamaged Skin

Photodamage is an expression used to explain one of the potential effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays on our skin. Photodamage appears as burns, irritation, and peeling off. This leads to pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Skin loses its smoothness and becomes dull, dry and patchy. Photodamaged skin is difficult to revert to its original state and required a lot of time and self-care.

Daily Skin Care Routine In Summer With Glutone

What could be a more effective way to tackle photodamage and tan than including Glutone products into an everyday summer skincare routine? Glutone products help prepare your skin to tackle the damaging effects of sun rays. Follow a daily skincare routine in summer with Glutone to avoid these problems before your beach party. Here is an ultimate Glutone skincare routine that you can follow :

 Use Glutone 1000

To tackle photodamage and summer tan, you can use Glutone 1000, which is supplemented with Japanese Setria Glutathione. It is FSSAI approved, and the Setria Glutathione is a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredient. Glutathione is the master antioxidant present in the skin and helps to orchestrate the antioxidant defence and immune defence of the skin. UV radiation leads to an immediate drop in the antioxidant levels in the skin exposing the cellular DNA to damage. Once damaged cells die further aggravating the situation. Hence, the stronger the antioxidant defence better the fight against UV radiation. A daily dose of Glutone 1000 delivers the Glutathione with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium to you, promoting skin brightening and radiance. It also helps to even out skin tone and improves overall skin glow. However, please remember, that Glutone 1000 needs to be consumed regularly to achieve the desired levels in the skin. So kick-start with Glutone 1000 today itself.

Use Cleanser To Get Rid Of Toxins

It is not uncommon for the skin surface to get greasy during summer due to the humid climate. And when dirt and other pollutant particles sit on the skin, the skin pores can get blocked, and pimples can form on the surface. Thus, it is essential to clean the face regularly to wash out the harmful particles and bring a glow to the face.

You can use Glutone face wash that cleanses, conditions and hydrates the skin from inside. It is a must-use product to heal photodamaged skin. Glutone face wash is made with a Dermawhite, a research product of BASF, Germany. It contains Guava, Saxifrage and Papaya extracts that help to enhance skin brightness.

Apply Face Serum

The next step is to apply face serum to your skin. You can use Glutone serum to fulfil this purpose. Glutone serum is beneficial for skin tanning treatment. It reduces the dark melanin formation and thus, keeps the skin glowing, radiant, and evenly toned. Glutone Serum is clinically proven to improve skin radiance and elasticity in 2 weeks with twice a day use.  The Glutone face serum is easy to apply. You need to pour 5-6 drops on your hand or directly on the face. Then, using your fingertips, gently massage the application over your face and behind your ears for effective results.

Apply Sunscreen

The last but the most important step before you step out of your home is to apply sunscreen. You cannot afford to miss applying sunscreens. After applying the serum, wait for some time for the skin to absorb it. Once it is completely absorbed, use sunscreen to give a protective layer to your skin. Dermatologists advise SPF 50 sunscreen to work in all climatic conditions. Sunscreen keeps the skin safe from suntan and offers protection against premature ageing. Furthermore, it protects the skin from UVB and UVA rays and works as an anti-tan product.

Voilà! these are the four steps you can follow for tan and photodamaged skin treatment and protect your skin throughout the summer season. You can buy Glutone 1000, Glutone serum and Glutone face wash from our store and carry them in your bag to conduct summer skincare anytime you need.

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