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How Deep Bajaj build Rs 2.5 cr Pee Buddy business over dirty public toilets complaint

Deep Bajaj made a device to help women to relieve themselves while standing. Here’s how he built a Rs.2.5 crore business from the device, called Pee Buddy.

Women go to great lengths to avoid the dangers of using public restrooms, but men have it simple. The distinction is that guys are not required to touch any surface. PeeBuddy, a simple urine funnel-like gadget that allows women to go while standing, has proven to be a life-saving and much-needed remedy.

34-year-old Deep Bajaj created Pee Buddy to assist ladies in avoiding unclean toilet seats in public places. It is simple to use, constructed of environmentally friendly materials, small enough to fit in a purse, and quickly disposed of after use. Deep’s company, PeeBuddy Private Limited, created the device, which has become a craze among women, particularly athletes and others who must spend lengthy periods of time in the vast outdoors.

After graduating from Delhi University, Deep earned his Masters in Marketing from the University of Sydney in 2006 and married Rashi Chaudhary in 2009. Rashi is a carpet designer, and the two of them founded Carpet Couture, a manufacturer and supplier of designer carpets, primarily to hotels. The company is making a profit.

Deep got the concept for PeeBuddy, when he and Rashi were on a road trip in 2013.

He says, “Rashi and I took a road trip from Delhi to Jaipur in 2013, according to Deep. I realised how serious the matter was when she complained about dirty restrooms at every stop.”

When Rashi became pregnant, she needed to use the restroom on a regular basis. Bending up and down all the time gets difficult, especially if the person needs to use Indian toilets.

Women suffering from arthritis are another group of women who have difficulty bending down even to use a western toilet. PeeBuddy is simple to use, constructed of environmentally friendly materials, small enough to fit in a purse, and quickly disposed of after use – a fantastic solution for all of these scenarios.

Deep investigated urination gadgets to find that they have been around since 1919, but India had yet to accept the concept.

Mohit Bajaj, who is Deep’s brother, joined the company during the design formation stage and currently handles accounts, finance, and production. Deep looks after sales, marketing, and public relations.

The brothers copyrighted their concept in 2015 and established PeeBuddy Private Limited in July of that year. They marketed the concept on a trial basis to friends and family for two and a half years to test the device and determine if it served its purpose well. Deep explains, “At first, men were hesitant to market the product because the concept of a female urination gadget was regarded to be a taboo subject, but we connected with doctors who recommended the product to their patients who couldn’t bend down comfortably.”

Finally, PeeBuddy collaborated with department stores where ladies shop for leisure and have the opportunity to contemplate the features of a product. To reach out to potential customers, the company now has a B2B partnership with Flipkart, Amazon, and Religare, among other online retail stores.


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