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Dhadak Kamgar Union’s Founder & General Secretary Abhijeet Rane ends strike at M/s. Hasmukh & Co. P.G.

The Founder & General Secretary of Dhadak Kamgar Union, Prominent Labour Leader Abhijeet Rane, has now confirmed that the strike at M/s. Hasmukh & Co. (P.G.) has been called off successfully.

M/s. Hasmukh & Co. (P.G.) had held a discussion and subquently asked Rane to end the strike, after the company’s staff had striked all work recently.

In May, the Dhadak Kamgar Union sent a letter to the management of M/s. Hasmukh & Co. (P.G.) that its workers who were members of the union had decided to go on strike. But the strike was stopped after the management assured the union members that their demands would be met.

However, effective November 15, 2021, Rane issued a strike notice to the company’s management,  as it had allegedly failed to fulfill the promises made to workers to end the walkout earlier in May. In his notice for the recent strike, Rane stressed there is still no sign of management addressing any of the workers’ issues, months after since May.

Rane accused management cadres of flagrant harassment, ill-treatment, and humiliation, as well as unfair labour practises such as changing a worker’s terms and conditions of duty without prior warning. The Charter of Worker Demands has been pending for the past three years. The letter contained a slew of other allegations of management cadres forcing employees to inhumane working conditions.

The union also addressed copies of the letter to Maharashtra Labor Minister Hasan Mushrif, the Principal Secretary of the state labour department, the Labor Commissioner of Mumbai, the Deputy Labor Commissioner of Mumbai, and the Senior Police Inspector of the LT Marg police station, which borders South Mumbai’s Kalabdevi area.

The strike was being led by prominent labour leader Abhijeet Rane, who would be followed by Hasmukh and Co. (P.G.) unit President Satyavijay Sawant, Unit Vice President Pradeep Dhawre, Unit Secretary Jayprakash Mishra, Unit Treasurer Sudeep Pawar, Unit Co-Secretary Shailesh Vengurlekar, and Unit Advisor Yatin Mehta.

The management of M/s. Hasmukh & Co. (P.G.) then held a discussion on November 19, 2021, with the union members and sent a letter to Rane regarding withdrawal of strike and resumption of duties by members and worker of the company with effect from November 20, 2021.

The letter from the management said that during the November 19, 2021, discussion the two sides agreed to call off and end the strike this month.

The management assured that the bonus payment to all worker’s of M/s Hasmukh & Co (P.G) shall stand revised from 8.33% to 12%. The management also assured that the same shall be credited on or before Tuesday, November 23, 2021. The management also confirmed that said salaries of worker’s for October 2021 have already been credited to their respective accounts.

The management hence requested the union to issue mandate to the worker’s of M/S Hasmukh & Co (P.G) for resumption of duties from November 20, 2021,  at all outlets, godowns & Kalbadevi office of the company.

In the letter, the company’s management also requested Dhadak Kamgar Union to withdraw the complaints filed with the Hon Asst Commissioner of Labour at the earliest.

While confirming the end of strike, Rane said there are three senior councils, who helped resolve the matter successfully. These senior councils include Advocate Bhushan Mahadik, who effectively took the initiative to resolve the matter; Senior Council Navroze Jalota; and Senior Council Mehul Shah.

According to Rane, all the three put in the best of their efforts to withdraw the strike.

Rane has expressed gratitude to all three in resolving the matter successfully and especially thanked Advocate Bhushan Mahadik for taking the initiative.


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