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‘Dhai kilo ka haath’ : How Sunny Deol played a heavier role than Rishi Kapoor in Damini

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People still have fond memories of the actors and characters from the 1993 smash hit “Damini.” Rajkumar Santoshi directed the movie. The principal role was shared by Meenakshi Seshadri and Rishi Kapoor. But Sunny Deol stole all the attention. Rishi Kapoor played the lead role, but he was unable to win any awards; Sunny Deol, however, was not only adored by the audience for his brief but impactful performance, but also won the National Award for it.

The movie’s catchphrases “Dhai kilo ka haath” and “Tarikh pe tarikh,” said by Sunny Deol, are still remembered by audiences today. ‘Damini’ hasn’t been seen in theaters in thirty years.

. On April 30, 1993, the movie opened in theaters. The movie’s main protagonist was Rishi Kapoor. He claimed that the position he played in the movie was that of a “protective husband,” which he found to be rather difficult. However, he felt that Sunny Deol should receive all the credit after seeing the film’s premiere.

The names of Kareena-Karisma’s grandmother and the other five daughters-in-law of the Kapoor family are also listed.

Sunny Deol as a lawyer in the movie “Damini.” He had a Longer Guest Appearance in the movie. In his autobiography “Khullam Khulla,” Rishi Kapoor told an experience pertaining to this movie. He had stated in the book that there will be two people in addition to him.

He had stated in the novel that there would be two separate protagonists in Damini, one an alcoholic and the other a crazy. However, both were later merged, and Sunny Deol played this character. Sunny Deol’s character was strong.

Sunny Deol, according to Rishi Kapoor, was a more dependable artist than him at the time. “Though I was supposed to be the hero of the film and Sunny had a guest appearance in it, he got applause and applause in the end,” Rishi explained. This demonstrates how strong his character was. Rishi Kapoor struggled to perform his persona.

Rishi Kapoor went on to say that the audience could readily recognize Sunny Deol and his role.

“It’s a difficult job to play a character and still look different,” he wrote. Maybe Sunny was better than me, and his performance wowed the audience more. However, playing my character was more difficult than playing his. Because he was attempting to achieve a balance in the picture between a wife, brother, and mother. While Sunny was playing the same role.

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