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Did Facebook play with users’ privacy? Here’s the whole matter

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In a recent development, Meta has successfully addressed a bug on Facebook that previously resulted in automatic friend requests being sent to users upon visiting a profile. Following the issue, a considerable number of users have opted to deactivate their accounts.

Facebook users may have recently encountered an issue where friend requests were sent from their account without their knowledge or consent. This has caused confusion and concern among some users. Over the past few days, a problem has been observed on Facebook’s platform. A recent issue with the social media platform resulted in friend requests being sent to unfamiliar individuals without user consent. However, the company has since resolved the issue.

In recent news, Meta has successfully resolved a bug on Facebook that previously resulted in the automatic sending of friend requests when users visited a profile. The Daily Beast reports that the social media company has issued an apology following numerous user complaints about a significant privacy breach caused by a glitch on the platform.

According to the company, the issue has been resolved.

According to a spokesperson from Meta, a bug related to a recent app update has been resolved. The bug was causing some Facebook friend requests to be sent erroneously. The occurrence has been successfully prevented and we express regret for any trouble caused.

As per a user’s claim, Facebook allegedly sent a friend request to an individual whom the user was attempting to block. According to reports, a significant number of Facebook users have opted to deactivate their accounts.

According to Meta, there have been reports of malware creators exploiting the public’s fascination with ChatGPT by luring them into downloading malicious applications and browser extensions.

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