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Diksha Chhabra, female weightlifter overcame body shaming and anxiety to start her own Fitness Club

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Diksha Chhabra was diagnosed with depression and PCOD and chose to start off over a healthy fitness plan. The weightlifter and social media influencer has become a certified nutrition and personal trainer with around 600 profitable customer stories.

Diksha Chhabra was just 28 years old when she started to experience depression, hormonal issues and massive bodyweight gain. At this time in her lifetime, she remembers remaining at her lowest.

After getting married to a military officer, Diksha was not able to continue her corporate job. In 2015, she gave it up completely to take care of her son. In the course of this time, she was diagnosed not just with depression, but also with PCOD. In 2013, she was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Diksha weighed about 100kg because of her health issues. She also blames it on her sedentary way of living.

Diksha vividly remembers instances of currently being body shamed due to her bodyweight. In the military setup fitness is top priority not just for officials but for their partners at the same time.

Diksha realised that her way of life was wrought with lousy eating selections, minimal physical action and abnormal stress because of daily work routines  along with other hereditary difficulties. Deciding to get her wellbeing in her own hands, a determined Diksha began workout activities and enhancing her eating habits.

 As a consequence of her weight, exercising was tough, but she started out daily small efforts. She started going on daily walks and reduce consumption of junk from her diet. Even so, not currently being aware of appropriate workout and nutrition, she started with combined cardio routines and starving herself in 2016. She promptly dropped 18 kg and lack of proper diet p[an became apparent with weakness, hairfall, sleeplessness and weakness.

It took her 12 months to become healthy enough to stop her medication for lifestyle ailments.

Diksha had a rollercoaster journey to obtain self-growth and development. Her struggles and tribulations, confusions and desperation motivated her to develop into a fitness specialist, certified sports nutritionist, and wellness mentor.

Following just two years of becoming a weightlifter, she started off Diksha Chhabra Fitness Consultations that can help others get in shape with good nutrition and proper guidance.

Diksha has not just overcames social and physical barriers but has shattered stereotypes along the way.

Weightlifting was regarded a “manly” exercise. When she begun, individuals believed the myth that women who do weight lifting looks like Gentlemen. Generally, she was said that she started off looking masculine or “not lady like” mainly because she was solid and not lean.


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