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Divyanjali Make-up Studio Is A One Stop Destination For all Makeup & Beauty Services

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – Pele

Situated in the core of Lucknow, Divyanjali Makeup Studio is the best make-up studio in the town. The exceptionally experienced team of dedicated make-up professionals offers an assortment of services including wedding makeup. Established and possessed by Ms. Neha Singh, the studio is a hit among the marvels for giving the best beauty care products administrations, changing your look, and guaranteeing that you are looking inconceivably beautiful on your important day and all through the wedding capabilities. Divyanjali Makeup Studio gets a handle on your solicitations and outfits you with the beauty care services that compliments well with your wedding outfit, guaranteeing that you seem to be a great princess.

Being India’s one of the most mind-blowing Cosmetics Studio, the team of experienced experts in cosmetics, and nails is trained by “Ms. Neha Singh.” She began her cosmetics studio in 2016 with the aim and maxim of changing the manner in which a lady looks. With a really long time of commitment towards her enthusiasm, she has become fruitful as one of the most outstanding Makeup Artist in Lucknow as well as in India. With the nonstop endeavors of her energetic and proficient group, Neha has been respected with 8 honors to date.

From An Educator By Calling To An Energetic Make-up Artist

Subsequent to finishing her B.Ed. M.Ed and M.A. in English, Neha envisioned to turn into an educator. The credit of her prosperity goes to her endeavors to turn into an educator which didn’t work for her. According to sharing about her battles after graduation, she, “In the event that I would have turned into an educator, I could not have possibly turned into a business woman, well once with my better half I met a CA who was working with his development firm. So while sitting in the vehicle taking a gander at a cosmetics studio, my significant other, Deepak Singh, requested that I take a stab in this field, and without the slightest hesitation, I said OK. For a couple of days, I went to an expert place and took preparing in which nothing valuable was educated. As I’m quick to be aware and find out about cosmetics I watched a great deal of recordings connected with cosmetics instructional exercises by cosmetics specialists on youtube short-term.”

Making Dreams A Reality

Discussing the initial steps that rejuvenated her fantasies and the difficulties which made her a superior individual, regardless of whether she has joined a task based job at some place.  She worked there for seven days and she realized that the place is not looking for the talent that she has. do it just for seven days since they needed a pedicurist, not a cosmetics craftsman. That was a turning point as she got struck by the idea to open Divyanjali. In a little house in Lakshmanpuri, she opened an outlet with 2 rooms and 3 staff individuals and told them that they need to procure their compensation by themselves.

Talking about the initial period of Divyanjali, Neha said, “All things considered, the work began, got a few sheets made for the promotions, which were mounted on the posts, after that the advertisement organization itself called the civil enterprise and got my sheets seized so I can get the new sheets made once more, well I got them made once more.”

Flying With Her Wings In the midst of Difficulties

As Divyanjali began the journey, orchestrating the assets became hard for Neha as there were at that point laid out make-up brands in the city thundering as lions. That was when Neha figured out how to deal with her cash admirably and Divyanjali came into existence with 3 seats. Nonetheless, she had confidence in herself and consistently venerated the goddess Durga. Ultimately, Divyanjali turned into all the rage as clients cherished the subjective administrations.

Following 2 years, on one occasion she got struck by a plan to open a new and greater focus. This is the point at which she thought of Divyanjali’s Indiranagar branch, and afterward the Mahanagar branch.

Neha said, “It was the point at which the greatest test for us was to have a good staff, and from where to enlist them. We thought a great deal on it and accompanied a plan to open a Make-Up Studio which has arisen as the greatest cosmetics institute in Lucknow city. At the Make-up Institute, the understudies go through a serious preparation with thorough practice and afterward we recruit our smartest understudies as our workers for the Divyanjali Make-up Studio.”

Divyanjali Family Keeps Growing

With a vigorous group of more than 60 skillful experts working indefatigably, presently Divyanjali Make-Up Studio has been changed from Divyanjali Make-Up Studio Beauty Parlor to Divyanjali Make-Up Studio Private Limited Organization.

With the love of their clients, the Divyanjali family is growing with new branches opening in the town. The day is not far when Divyanjali lovers will be able to book services at any corner of the country.

Being a famous Make-Up Artist and owner of Divyanjali Make-up Studio, Ms. Neha Singh is known as the best make-up artist from Lucknow who loves to enhance and transform the overall look of individuals from any arena with overpowering delight in her heart.


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