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Doctor Couple Collects unused Covid Medicine to help needy

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The doctors of Maharashtra are all set to help their patients with the COVID meds without taking anything from them.

A doctor couple in Mumbai is collecting medicines from COVID-19 survivors and distributing them to patients in need.

Dr. Marcus Ranney and his partner, Dr. Raina, launched Meds For More on May 1st, a citizen campaign to collect leftover drugs from COVID-19 patients who have recovered.

“This initiative began ten days ago. Dr Marcus Ranney told ANI that he collects drugs from housing societies and distributes them to those who cannot afford them.

“It all started when one of our staff members’ family members became infected with Covid and needed treatment.” Medicines, as you might be aware, can be very costly.

We wanted to take their drugs and donate them because there were a few people who had recovered from Covid at the time,” Dr Raina explained.

The story continues

“After that, we enlisted the support of 7-8 people from neighbouring buildings to form a team and launch this project with the aim of assisting those who are unable to go out and buy medicines or who cannot afford Covid medicines,” the Maharashtra doctors explained.

In just ten days, the couple obtained 20 kilogrammes of unused COVID-19 drugs from recovered patients.

These drugs will be distributed to primary health care centres in rural areas across India in order to treat infected people as soon as possible. COVID-19 is a virus that infects people.

We now have 100 buildings delivering drugs to us. We are a group of eight individuals, plus the volunteers in various buildings. “We obtained 20 kilogrammes of medicines last week, which we packed and distributed to our NGO partners,” Dr Marcus Ranney, one of the Maharashtra doctors said.

More about what happened

Meds for More gathers all sorts of unused medications used to treat COVID-19 patients, including antibiotics, Famiflu, pain relievers, steroids, inhalers, vitamins, and antacids, among others. They’re also gathering critical medical devices such as pulse oximeters and thermometers.

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