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Dr. Suhas Shah brings a new approach in management of diabetic foot lesions

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Diabetic patients have to face diabetic foot complications in form of ulcers, deformity and amputations. Dr. Suhas Shah has bought new strides in its management.

Dr. Suhas Shah –A specialist in llizarov surgery

Dr. Suhas Shah, has revolutionised the way foot diseases, arising out of diabetes, are being treated in India. By bringing a Russian treatment methodology, known as llizarov, Angioplasty. he has been able to treat and heal many of his ailing patients. Dr. Suhas Shah practices as a senior orthopaedic surgeon in many reputed multispecialty hospitals of Mumbai such as Raheja Hospital at Mahim, Global hospital, and Jaslok hospital. He also runs his own clinic – Ashwinii hospital.

What causes Diabetic foot problem?

We all know how diabetes affects one’s body. It may affect the retina of the eyes, blood vessels, kidney, nerves, hands and feet. due to the Microangiopathy of blood vessels supply of sufficient amount of blood in the feet is decreased, the complication in feet arises. if Diabetic foot doesn’t heal properly The wound may reach a level where amputation of the foot is the only option left.

Treatment through llizaroz surgery by Dr. Suhas Shah 

A patient can easily avoid the Amputation of the foot using a Russian method of surgery called llizarov. Dr Suhas Shah has bought this technique in India and now there is a ray of hope for all severely affect diabetic patients. In this surgery, first, the blood vessels are unblocked and as a result, the blood supply can be increased by almost 300%. He insists that even a small injury can take a serious shape in a diabetic person. So it becomes vital to immediately consult a doctor to avoid any mishappening. The injury can affect surrounding bones. Hence, all you need is special care for such diabetic foot. According to Dr. Suhas Shah, he was able to treat a wound as old as 14 years using this technique.

Cost of this treatment

The total expense of conducting such surgery and post-surgical treatment comes to around Rs One & half lakh. A patient need to remain hospitalised for few days. A patient needs to go through some pre-surgical tests like kidney, haemoglobin, etc. Dr. Suhas Shah says a patient is able to probably walk around within days of surgery and resume his daily activities after a month. Now diabetic foot amputation is no longer a necessary solution to foot complications.

Finally, Dr. Suhas Shah advises all its patient not to get dishearten. All diabetic foot diseases is curable with very all-new advanced techniques. One only needs to take proper and timely treatment. He suggests that though this Russian technique has recently gained popularity in India and abroad, its results are overwhelming. You can surely count on this.

Dr Suhas Shah
Ashwinii Accident Hospital
Ganesh Apte., Ground Floor, Opp. Sitaladevi TempleL.J. Road, Mahim Mumbai w-16. Appoint-022 24455155, 022 24455105. Mob : 9322235042, 9821043913
E mail: [email protected] / www.suhasshah.com

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