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Dr Kishor Navandar, Blue Billion Group on Economy and Business Post Pandemic

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Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world in many fronts. The massive hit was experience by global economic downfall and Indian economy was no exception. But Government initiatives including fiscal and social measures, corporates “COVID PROOFING” business models in combating the slowdown have helped India’s economy to be in better shape than apprehended. With these positive thoughts the Chairman and Managing Director of Blue Billions group, Dr Kishor Navandar shares his corporate views on economy and business post covid.

Dr Kishor Navandar who himself needs no introduction and is known for his business excellence. under his leadership guidance the enterprise is constantly achieving the significant targets and growth. His excellence in contributing ideas and views on diversification had led the ISO 9000-2008 certified organization to expand into segments of Real estate, infrastructure, hospitality and media.

According to Dr Kishor Navandar consumer sentiments and business functioning in India had undergone a dramatic change. Consumer are rethinking the way they spend work and socialize. They have dropped out from non-essentials activities profoundly. Most business has started implementing technology in their eco-system with emerging digitalization and undoubtedly these changed models had served us better to face the ongoing uncertainty.

It is a fact that Indian economy will need a year or more to stabilise itself. Only after that consumption and growth will come back. There is a possibility of a k-shaped recovery in most parts of the world including India because industries and society weren’t bouncing back at the same pace. Different segments of the population recover from a recession at different rates.

The visionary businessman further list down specific points to withstand in business post COVID-19.

  • All business whether small or medium or large should start lowering operating cost. It helps to generate more profitability and liquidity.
  • Implementation of digitization. Use new technologies that encompass digital eco system to track employee’s performance and to manage manpower.
  • Work on bringing variation in your product. Try to tap the opportunity gap in the market and act accordingly.
  • Quickly change or adapt in response to changing market
  • build trust among different stakeholders. Be its your vendor, clients etc.

Indian companies need to re-look their business operations and to see opportunities for improvement. Dr Kishor Navandar is an economist by thought and that’s the reason he has been able to integrate multiple businesses under a single umbrella entity. – The blue billion group has evolved into a brand that caters to a niche class of discerning customers.

He is a man who always stays top of his game and delivers beyond expectations. Again, Dr Kishore has proved his excellence in leadership qualities accompanied by his commitment to corporate social responsibility. Bestowed with number of  awards and accolades he  has proved  his credibility.

He also holds esteemed positions in various business organisation. He is Founder Council Director and National Executive Chairman of Global Chambers of Consumer rights and Founder Chairman Marwadi Chambers of Commerce, and many more.

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