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Mumbai fisherman to live a better life after Rs.1.33cr Ghol fish catch

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A giant catch of the Ghol fish helped a fisherman become a crorepati. Find out how this Mumbai fisherman made the catch worth Rs. 1.33 crore.

Chandrakant Tare set sail following the month-long monsoon fishing ban, but returned home with what is possibly the most expensive catch on the Mumbai-Palghar coast.Tare was able to catch 157 Gholfish, which are said to be the region’s most costly edible and commercial fish.

Tare had set sail with a ten-man crew. They dropped the net in deep sea after the boat arrived at Wadhwan, about 25 nautical miles off the coast of Palghar. To their surprise, a school of fish, both large and small, had been ensnared.

Soon after, a video of the prized catch began to circulate around fishing towns. As a result, within hours of their arrival at Murbheon on August 28, traders had formed a queue for the auction. The bladder and other internal parts of the finest Ghol fish (called croaker in English) had earned Tare Rs 1.33 crore by the end of the auction.

As they consider it a fish that has heart of gold, East Asians give value to the Ghol fish for the curative virtues of its internal organs. Its skin is a rich source of high-quality collagen, which is utilised to make functional food and cosmetic items. 

The huge catch of Rs. 1.33 is expected to help Tare provide a better life to himself and his family. Tare, stated that the capture will help him face his financial difficulties with ease. 

Fisherman face numerous challenges and a life of hardship

When they go fishing, fishermen frequently face tough weather such as deadly stormy gusts, surging waves, and dark menacing skies. Their boats are tossed and turned by the sea. Workers in this trade encounter specific life-threatening hazards, such as shipwrecks, falls overboard, and diving accidents. Fishing is challenging because of the high demand, which has resulted in a drop in fish output.

Fishing is growing more perilous as fishermen leave their designated regions in quest of fish in the open sea. The life of a fisherman entails cresting the waves at the crack of dawn in order to catch the best catch. Men are working in the elements even before the sun rises and heats the sea.

Although it is an occupation full of ambiguity, the future of this profession is equally unknown. Many fisherman are sending their children to school and want them to choose alternative occupations in areas such as software and education. They want their kids to struggle like them and wish that they live a better life.

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