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Dr. Masooma, a Reliable name in Physiotherapy, has a long journey of her success.

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Dr. Masooma, a reliable name in physiotherapy, has a long journey of her success accompanied by many challenges. Her passion and dedication towards work and her attitude of always being ready to accept challenges brought her tremendous success in the field of physiotherapy. Today she is an internationally known physiotherapist. Dr. Masooma’s unique style of treatment kept her a level up in dealing with cases. At her clinic, under the name of Dr. Masooma’s Advanced Physiorehab, she believes in ‘Turning Setbacks into Comebacks’. She aims to turn “Pain into Comfort” and help her patients restart their life in a better and healthy way. Dr. Masooma is a true inspiration for women willing to peruse their careers in any field.

Dr. Masooma’s Early Life:

Being a doctor and treating people was a dream for Dr. Masooma. She was a passionate child with lots of dreams to be accomplished. Her school days were all about exploration and evolution. Her dreams turned into reality when she got admission in Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal University where she proved to be an extraordinary student with skills and dedication. She graduated being the University Topper and established her clinic under the name of Dr. Masooma’s Advanced Physiorehab in Mumbai in 2013. From then, her journey of unstoppable success and accomplishments undertook, gifting thousands of people their normal lives back. Dr. Masooma believes that ‘If a woman is determined to achieve something and if her goals are clear, then she is UNSTOPPABLE.

Professional Journey:

The healthcare system is constantly evolving, new advancements come about each day. Trying to keep up with the recent trends is a challenge for many, but for Dr. Masooma, it’s different. Her passion towards her profession has constantly kept her in touch with the recent advances in her field.
She is a very dedicated and passionate physiotherapist. She considers it an honour to be part of such a noble profession where she can help someone live a pain-free life. She believes that “Every patient is like a board exam and she has no scope to fail.” She says the satisfaction on seeing a patient leave smiling, who had entered in pain, is unmatched.
Tracing it back to the days when Physiotherapy was not well known to today, it was a roller coaster ride. Explaining the importance of Physiotherapy to her patients in the earlier days was a challenge. Today people consider Dr. Masooma as their first point of contact for any aches and pains and believe that she can surely help. The trust in the eyes of her patients for her makes her journey worthwhile.
Dr. Masooma has set up a very innovative and unique practice under the name of Dr. Masooma’s Advanced Physiorehab. In her advanced and specially equipped Physiorehab center, special attention is paid to each and every patient with utmost care and concern. At Dr. Masooma’s Advanced Physiorehab, there is a detailed assessment and a strong hands-on approach for treating patients in order to achieve optimum results. Dr. Masooma provides a wide range of patient specific treatment techniques like Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy, Manual Therapy, Osteopathy, Kinergetic Healing Techniques, K-Taping, Myofascial Release, etc. She also specializes in Antenatal & Postnatal Exercises. Despite being such a successful physiotherapist, she still believes that being grounded and being a good human being comes first.

Dr Masooma’s Personal Life:

Along with being a successful physiotherapist, Dr. Masooma is a responsible mother and a good daughter. Being a single parent, she fulfills her responsibilities towards her daughter and her family with complete justice.
When Dr. Masooma is asked how she manages to balance work and life, she simply says it is because of 2 people in her life – her mother and daughter. She says, “My mom is my spine without which I cannot stand and my daughter is my oxygen without whom I cannot live. They have made me the woman I am today.” As a single parent, having an extremely supportive family and an understanding daughter is what helped Dr. Masooma to live a life of her dreams.
Dr. Masooma is a true example of women empowerment. She is raising her daughter to be the woman of her dreams. Dr. Masooma believes that “Small girls with dreams become women with vision.” She acknowledges that behind her successful professional life is a supportive family who let her be herself and follow her dreams.

Being An Inspiration:

Many young aspiring Physiotherapists look up to Dr. Masooma as their role model. She always tells them that, “Each day is a new chapter in the book of your life journey, so make each moment worthwhile.” She has been an inspiration for many who want to follow her footsteps. She feels extremely blessed to receive all the love and blessing from one and all and promises to continue her journey with absolute sincerity and ensure each patient who comes to her walks back pain-free and happy.

Awards And Achievements:

Dr. Masooma’s has bagged many awards for her outstanding contribution in the field of physiotherapy. She was awarded the “Best Physiotherapist in Mumbai” at Women Iconza Awards 2021 held by Times Applaud and Marketing Mind on 02nd March 2021, Felicitated by Vinayak Rahut (Member of Parliament). Her journey is marked by many successful notes. She believes that “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey. And her journey has just begun…..”. She is an inspiration for aspiring women and a true influencer. Event was organised by Times Applaud & Marketing Mind


Dr. Masooma is a role model physiotherapist. The flight she took in her career is a revolution in itself. She proved that problems are part of life; what matters is the dedication and desire to make dreams come true. Dr. Masooma believes that “There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise”. Through her constant hard work and dedication, she has to her credit a long list of successfully treated patients which also include many Celebrities. Her unique style of dealing with and treating patients brought international recognization to her. Her life is a true success story.

Dr. Masooma’s Advanced Physiorehab
Sanghvi Hospital, Nebula ‘A’, 1st floor, 4th Cross Rd, Lokhandwala Market, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053. Call us on 98674 90291 or Email at masoomaladiwala@gmail.com

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