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Dr. Niraj k. Jha saluted at Sakal Idols of Maharashtra Award Ceremony 2022 For his philanthropic work

Renowned physiotherapist Dr Niraj k. Jha was recently honoured with the prestigious ‘Son of the Soil’ honour at the Sakal Idols of Maharashtra Award event 2022. The spectacular event was held at Hotel Tiptop Plaza in Thane, Mumbai, on Saturday, 11 June, and witnessed many eminent personalities from all walks of life.

Amongst great ovation, the award was conferred to Dr Niraj as an individual physiotherapist who has improved people’s lives through his exceptional care, compassion, dedication and personal commitment.

The auspicious event was organised by Sakal Media group to commend numerous Bhumiputras-son of the soil, who has inspired the society through their services and visionary work in their respective fields.

Speaking at the grand ceremony, Dr Niraj k. Jha enlightened everyone on correct way of rehabilitation, “Working in multiple projects that pertained to preventive, curative and promotive features of health and rehabilitation has made me understand the clinical and social and emotional aspects of rehabilitation. My prime concern is not only to maximise patient’s independence by increasing mobility and improve their quality of life but to help them regain their psychological, emotional and social wellbeing.” The doctor is acknowledged for treating all his patients’ work with complete dedication and sincerity.

Dr Niraj k. Jha, who has a vast experience in neurology and rehabilitation, is counted among reputed physiotherapists in the Mumbai region. Dr Niraj has done his Masters in Disability Rehabilitation from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and completed the Fellowship programme in Cardiac Rehabilitation from Apollo Hospital.
Dr Niraj Kumar excels in stroke rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, general community medicine, and spinal cord injuries as a physiotherapist. His knowledge of intercepting pressure points and trigger points is excellent. The doctor efficiently assesses the patient’s (all-age groups) underlying condition and chooses the correct kind of physical therapy to treat it.

Dr Jha believes that as scientific practitioners and humans, we all should initiate, promote, and depart an effective impression on society. The purpose why this physiotherapist served tirelessly during the pandemic. Dr Niraj and his team collaborated with a Charitable organisation in Chembur and donated medical components, meals, and essential items to the underprivileged and the needy. The medical team under his supervision also provided respiratory assistance and physiotherapy for patients via non-invasive ventilation support measures

Dr Jha has been related to chief organisations like WHO & UNICEF in diverse capacities and with numerous non-governmental organisations like Medical Doctors For You, The Human Initiative For Populace And Development, Rehabilitation Council Of India, And Indian Affiliation Of Physiotherapists. (IAP) and lots more.

Dr Niraj Kumar Jha is the founder of an advanced & comprehensive physiotherapy centre: Dr Jha’s Physioworld, one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Chembur, that offers the highest standards of care in his world-class physical therapy establishment.
People from all walks of life and ages, from children to the elderly, can receive condition-specific neurological, orthopaedic, and cardiac rehabilitation services using state-of-the-art evidence-based medical practices. Dr Niraj aims for his patients to regain functionality and physical independence and improve their quality of life.


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