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Dr Nutan Pakhare honored with Women Iconza 2022 award for excellence in Ayurveda and Yoga Education

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More and more women are being recognized and honored in natural therapy, which is increasingly gaining popularity. One such person is renowned Ayurveda and Yoga consultant and author, Dr Nutan Pakhare, who is the founder of AYG Academy in Mumbai. She has now been honored with the Women Iconza 2022 award by Times Applaud, a leading press release and public relations organization, during a mega-event recently held in Mumbai.

Dr Nutan specializes in Ayurveda and Yoga, which are among the natural therapies practiced in India. Learning about the sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga has become the need of the hour, after Covid-19 hit the world, as we all need to take care of our health, wellbeing and immunity. The world needs holistic therapies like Ayurveda and Yoga, which can help us achieve physical as well as mental wellbeing.

With the help of Ayurveda and Yoga, Dr. Nutan, has been empowering women to protect and improve their own health, as she is primarily interested in women’s health and wellbeing.

Apart from Ayurveda and Yoga, Dr. Nutan holds significant expertise in Garbhasanskar, which means educating the child inside the mother’s womb. Garbhasanskar is an ancient wisdom that helps achieve good health and well-being in would-be parents and new life in the womb from conception to the birth of a child. Her expertise in the field, led Dr. Nutan to author the book, “The ultimate guide to Garbhasanskar.” A Marathi version of the book will be released soon.

Dr. Nutan has a relentless passion and desire to educate, counsel, and help people live healthier and happier lives. This led her to launch AYG Academy amidst the pandemic in July 2020. While building AYG Academy, she aimed to focus on teaching, training and healing people through the ayurveda and yoga based natural therapies.

When Dr. Nutan founded AYG Academy she wanted to take these ancient Indian treasures of  Ayurveda, Yoga and Garbhasanskar across the country. Dr. Nutan has successfully achieved this, as AYG Academy has so far trained over 500 teachers and heal countless patients.

Moreover, Dr. Nutan has also served as a clinical physician in some of Mumbai’s most prestigious hospitals and yoga centres, and worked in rural hospitals. She has helped create several articles published on health and traditional science in various digital and print media formats. Dr. Nutan has also given various interviews to media leaders in India, including CNBC Awaaz News Channel, Vividh Bharati, FM radio, and Akashwani.

Dr. Nutan has over 18 years of experience in teaching, training, and healing, during which period she has taught Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar courses; helped promote Ayurveda, and Yoga, through a number of courses like Ayurveda Anatomy and Physiology, Practical Ayurveda on a Day-to-Day Basis, and Masterclass – Indian science of wellbeing; and hosted free webinars and internet presentations for the general public, to promote Ayurveda and Yoga .

Dr Nutan Pakhare has been groomed by well-known physicians of her hometown, Mumbai.

She has been a consistent honor student at KKSU/Kaivalyadhama where she made the following academic achievements:

– Qualified For Assistant Professor – UGC NET –YOGA

– B.A.M.S (Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)

– M.Sc. in Yoga (Master in Yoga)

– P.G.D.Y.S (Postgraduate Diploma in Yogic Science)

– C.C.Y (Certificate Course in Yoga)

– Robert Carkhuff Model – Personal Counsellor (Heart to Heart Institute)

At the Navodaya Vidyalaya Boarding School education, Dr. Nutan’s academic achievements included:

– “Yoga Guru Award” presented by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan District Sports Ministry, Mumbai, and the Government of India, 21st June 2017.

– Dynamo certification honoured by WIPS (Forum of Women in Public Sector) on 27th National Meet, Nagpur Feb-11-12, 2017.

– “Panacea Excellence International Award 2018” for her contributions in the field of Ayurveda and Yoga at the 12th Panacea International Conference on Ayurveda and Holistic Healing, 2018, Nepal.

– “National Women Leadership Award 2020” for outstanding work in the field of Ayurveda and Yoga, 26th January 2020.

– Ayurveda Gold Medal Dhanvantari Jyoti Award 2021 for excellent work in the field of Ayurveda ,17th October 2021.

Dr Nutan Pakhare truly deserves the Women Iconza 2022 award with which she was felicitated by popular socialite, Hruta Jeetendra Awhad, and distinguished actress of the TV industry, Ms Pooja Gor, at MG Motor India, Mumbai, on March 3, 2022.

We wish Dr Nutan all the best for her future endeavors.


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