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Dr. Surabhi Dhanwala bags the ‘ET Change Makers Award 2022’ for best Physiotherapist and Naturopathist

In the recently held ET Ascent and Navbharat Times’ ‘Changemakers’ Felicitation Program on 20th July at Novotel, Juhu, NBT Mumbai, Dr Surabhi Dhanwala was bestowed with the ‘ET Change Makers Award’ for his outstanding contribution in Physiotherapy and Naturopathy. The event was organised by Megha Shrey NGO and witnessed many business icons from different industries.

The awards were conferred to stalwarts from the medical, tech, digital marketing, and architecture industries who possessed a zeal to transform society. Dr Surabhi Dhanwala and his success story speak a lot about how he has made a difference by battling all the challenges and has made a difference by laying the foundation of change through his work.

After receiving the award from the hands of renowned Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu and Seema Singh of Megha Shrey NGO, the celebrated Physiotherapist and Naturopathist explained the importance of this specialised medical field., “The general perception that physiotherapist is just for exercise and massage is completely wrong. Our role in healing a patients’ strain in multiple conditions and overcoming their physical injuries or post-surgery recovery is crucial and unmatched. Unfortunately, there are about 5-6k Physiotherapist doctors in India against the recommended one for every 10000 citizens by World Health Organisation. Presently we need more than a lakh specialist to suffice the demand and supply gap. So, I urge more and more medical aspirants to choose this area to help in patient’s rehabilitation.”

 Dr Surabhi Dhanwala has a rich medical experience of over 18 years. The renowned doctor has successfully treated many Government officers, ministers, and celebrities, including the Honourable Former President of India, Mrs Pratibhatai Patil.

The medical expert is said to be genetically inborn with ancestral knowledge & magical hands. Dr Surabhi has developed unique techniques to cure patients suffering from physical problems by fusion of modern science and traditional methods. She has aced herself in the field of Neurology, Naturopathy and Neuropathy. 

Presently Dr Surabhi is successfully running her Clinical Care and therapy centres in Pune (Maharashtra) and Dehradun (Uttarakhand). Dr Surabhi, along with her team members, has a proven track record of recovering patients without undergoing surgeries. Moreover, the skilled doctor has helped patients to recover from numerous ailments such as digestive tract problems, diabetes, hypertension & Neuropathy, paralysis, Retino Pigmentosa, Peripheral Neuropathy etc.

She has received Honorary Doctorate in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Acupressure from South Western American University. She has also received many awards and appreciation from all segments of society. She is often invited as a key guest speaker at various events and conferences.


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