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Drunk Man Fell From The 19th Floor After Breakup With GF, When Rescued, He Started Singing… WTF

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Liquor consumption is definitely not good for health but if a person really likes to consume alcohol, then he should at least take some precautions in order to keep himself and others safe such as don’t drive after drinking, avoid being alone on balcony or terrace, etc. 

There are many cases in which a drunk man has fallen off stairs or balcony as he is not able to walk properly under the influence of alcohol but recently a weird incident has taken place in Russia. A 40 years old man who has been recognized as Arthur fell down from the 19th floor of a building on a car. Though the car broke down badly, fortunately Arthur was alive and surprisingly, he started singing after the rescue workers lifted him up. 

The incident took place in the city of Voronezh on Kolesnichenko Street and it is being said that Arthur was heavily drunk and he also ate an apple before entering the building. The reason behind him being so drunk is said to be his breakup from his girlfriend which happened recently. 

Here is the video clip of the incident:

The ambulance staff also revealed that Arthur was in a very good mood while being taken to hospital. According to a hospital staff, he has suffered brain and spine injuries, he also had a concussion and a fracture in spine.

Now this is what is called a strong man, what do you say?

Nitin Bhatnagar
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