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Eat Raja: The first-ever zero-waste juice centre in India

Eat Raja is the country’s first zero-waste juice bar. Freshly pulped juices are offered in fruit shells here.

When summer hits, people’s appetites quickly shift from food to fruits, particularly fruit juices. Juices help rehydrate, lower body temperature, fast aid to restore energy, and most importantly, balance the body’s water level by nourishing, refreshing, and stimulating the body with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. But where do we drink juices and how do we drink them?

We normally choose the most convenient alternative, which is packaged juice, which is accessible in supermarkets, or go to the local juice bar, which serves drinks in non-environmentally friendly plastic or thermocol cups, contributing to plastic pollution.

Eat Raja Juice Bar is one of the most well-known juice bars in Bangalore. Do they have any unique recipes? No!They have a particular, one-of-a-kind Zero Waste Policy. They make certain that no leftovers are thrown away.

Eat Raja is the country’s first zero-waste juice bar. Freshly pulped juices are served in fruit shells, such as watermelon shells, banana shells, and so on. Not only that, but the straws available here are also environmentally friendly, since they are composed of bamboo or banana leaf

Once the juice has been consumed, the shells are separated, collected, and fed to animals, providing them with food that they would not otherwise find in the rubbish.

These shells are then utilised to generate bio-enzymes, which are used as natural cleansers for cleaning floors and toilets without the use of chemicals, as part of the zero waste juice programme. Eat Raja did not stop there; in order to contribute even more to a healthy environment, they devised a remedy to the excessive use of power to extract juice pulp using an electric mixer and produced a cycle mixie, which curates fruit pulp by peddling.

Eat Raja’s owner also collaborates and works with environmentalists and socialists to assist spread the word and contribute to environmental protection. List of ways that juice bars help the environment and raise awareness about waste management.

1. There will be no plastic waste due to the use of plastic glass.

2. There is no waste of water while washing glasses.

3. Animals are fed the leftovers from fruit.

4. Bio-enzymes are made from fruit waste.

5. The cycle mixie reduces electricity usage.

Eat Raja also intends to expand its product line outside Bangalore’s limits, which would be extremely inspiring. Imagine starting your business on a positive note, contributing to the environment and leaving a lasting legacy.

It is not a new phenomenon in Indian society. Our elders have been dining on banana leaves and sipping tea/water in kullhads for generations. Natural resources abound in India, as do creative minds. The only thing left to do is change it from a contemporary to a healthy lifestyle. Not just juice bars, but also food stands, restaurants, and eateries may go green.

This juice bar doesn’t accomplish anything that others can’t. However, it serves as an example for others to make the best use of resources, encourages proper waste management, and this one juice centre contributes to our environment to the fullest every day.

Eat Raja’s unusual yet beautiful waste management and zero-waste policy attracts people from all walks of life and thereby brings them into the cause.


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