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Elon Musk says only verified users will be allowed to participate in Twitter polls

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Elon Musk says that poll participation on X, formerly known as Twitter, will soon be limited to verified users only. This is done to stop poll-tampering by bots, especially when it comes to contentious matters. Right now, non-verified users on Twitter are able to vote in polls. This has given rise to worries that bots may be employed to influence poll results or give the appearance that the population supports a specific opinion.

Brian Krassenstein said on X, “You really have to make the option to only allow for blue checkmarks to participate in polls. . I’ve noticed that there is a lot of bot activity near the polls. Regarding the ADL, I understand that occasionally they overlabel things. Having said that, the ADL has done a lot during the past 110 years.”

In reply to Brian, Musk said, “Agreed on everything. We are updating polls to restrict voting to verified users only. That’s essential to preventing bot spam in polls on contentious topics. The ADL has done a lot of wonderful work over the years, but in recent years, it has become overzealous and infected with the awakened mind infection.”

Musk aims to make it more challenging for bots to meddle with polls by limiting voting to authenticated users. Users who have received verification from Twitter as actual persons are known as verified users. This indicates that their genuine name, email address, and phone number have been shared with Twitter.

The precise date of this change’s implementation is not yet known. Musk has stated it will be “coming soon,” but he hasn’t specified a timeframe.

Votes on Twitter polls are now private, which is a crucial point to remember. No one will be able to see who voted or how they voted as a result. Even after the modification is put into effect, this will continue to be the situation.

Reactions to the move to limit poll voting to authenticated individuals have been conflicting. Some individuals think it’s essential to take this action in order to stop bots from changing poll results. Others think it is a violation of free expression and will hinder actual people from taking part in surveys.


X, previously known as Twitter, will soon only permit verified users to participate in polls, according to Elon Musk, in an effort to stop bots from tampering with the results of polls, particularly those that focus on contentious topics. This modification is essential to preventing bot spam in polls on contentious topics.The ADL has done great work, but it has gotten overzealous and afflicted with the awakened mind infection in recent years. Musk restricted voting to verified users to prevent bots from influencing elections. Verified users provide their real name, email address, and phone number to Twitter to be verified. Update implementation is expected “coming soon” without a specific date. Twitter polls are anonymous, so no one knows who or how voted. Some think it is an essential move to prevent bots from influencing poll results, while others claim it is an infringement on free expression and inhibits actual people from voting in polls. Restricting voting in polls to verified individuals has been received with conflicting views.

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