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Embracing Sustainable Fashion: Indian Startups Transforming Recycled Plastic, Plant waste into Fashionable Products

From trash to trendy, these Indian startups are transforming recycled plastic and banana stems into eco-friendly fashion statements.

When most people are talking about environmental conservation and green initiatives in sectors like the Oil, gas, and coal industries, and transportation, there are young minds in India who identify the seriousness of the environmental impact of our clothes. These startups started working on creating sustainable fashion clothing by transforming waste materials like plastic pet bottles, banana stems, etc into eco-friendly fabrics, thus revolutionizing the industry’s approach to sustainability.

Setting a trend in the realm of fashion, these conscious fashion labels are innovatively producing durable and versatile textile products without letting go of the vibrance found in Indian culture.

Curious about these Indian fashion brands dealing in responsibly-made clothing? Check out

  1. Goya Swim Company- Environment Activist & Founder Riya Mazumdar startup brand Goyaswim.Co makes swimwear for both males & females by recycling plastic bottles & post-industrial waste from the ocean. They are crafting superb swimwear that blends the latest fashion trends with eye-catching designs, coveted by beach lovers and swim enthusiasts worldwide
  1. Malawa Kela Resa Utpadan Laghu Udyog Kendra- From a low-skill employee to an entrepreneur, U. P’s Ravi Prasad is turning waste into Gold by making handicraft products like footwear, hats, bags and even sanitary napkins from banana stem. Utilizing banana stem fibers which are typically discarded after harvesting the fruit, the man is also supplying these fibres to a company that in turn is producing soft and breathable fabrics to create biodegradable textiles.
  1. Eco line- The brand is making affordable hybrid fabric fashion dresses by blending organic cotton with fibres made from recycled PET bottles (that takes a whopping 400 years to decompose). Their cutting-edge dope dye technology doesn’t require a single drop of water for textile dyeing which in normal production requires 2.4 trillion gallons of water every year
  1. MAYU- A sustainable luxury lifestyle brand that makes bags from fish skin waste. They make products ethically outsourced from, cruelty-free leather-making companies. The high-end luxury brand is currently making products from products that use salmon and wolfish fish skin waste and even pineapple waste.

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