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Expert Nutraceutical Advocacy Council (ENAC®) is the First and one of its kind that integrated the main three pillars – Academics, the Government and the Industry for the growth & development of the Nutraceutical Sector. With the aim of Education, Awareness, Engagement & Networking (EAEN®) the Council has always created an impact on the Heart, Soul and Mind of the Society.

ENAC® led by Sandeep Gupta, popularly known as the Nutraceutical Man of India, has been in the forefront supporting all the health initiatives like Mission Fit India, Eat Right Movement, Swasth Bharat Abhiyan and other such, announces the first ever International Nutraceutical Day on 2nd September. ENAC® believes in the principle of Nutritional Intelligence & Efficiency that supports every consumer to be Informed one.

Evolution of Nutraceuticals:

Bridging the gap between Nutrition and Medicine for preventive wellness has led to the evolution of Nutraceuticals. These are basically Essentials which add to your daily diet for a holistic approach, completing the nutritional macro & micro requirements for a healthy living.

Mr. Sandeep Gupta, strongly holds the Baton of Authenticity, providing the Clean, Safe, Qualified and Effective Nutraceuticals in the interest of Public Health for more than two and a half decades. He has been pioneer in the industry to get the World’s Best, Natural, Scientifically studied and clinically researched Ingredients across the Globe for making Indian Population Nutritionally Efficient. He has been the Top Leadership Mentor for Various companies and has evolved the idea& concept of Nutrition in Innovative dosage formats with partnerships and in-licensing under Nutraworks. He has screened 1000+ Natural Ingredients, Conceptualized & Launched 600+ formulations based on specific health markers that just works.

From the ENAC® Founders’ desk:

Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Chief Founder & Director, himself being a strong believer of the power of Natural, Clean, Safe & Effective Nutraceuticals, promotes the approach of wellness management and Supplemental Health which in the long run leads to healthier Lifestyle. He said, “Health is now the Culture of the World, Take self-charge and Lead”.

Mr. Ganesh Kamath, Co-founder & Director, holding strong accolades in the area of Safety, Efficacy and Effectiveness of the Nutraceutical products, said “Supplementary health perspective along with the right balance of Nutrition and Fitness is the key to healthier ageing”.

ENAC® with the panel of more than 150 experts, led by Mr. Gupta & Mr. Kamath has developed, the Expertise in Nutraceuticals, Authenticity, Due Diligence & their Opinion holds the highest regards in Wellness Sector. They are high on Passion & are driven by Purpose which makes them an unparalleled duo in the sector.

The Ultimate Compendium of Nutraceutical Ingredients

Celebrating the Nutraceutical day, ENAC® releases the cover for its most awaited launch of the First ever, inimitable ‘The Ultimate Compendium of Nutraceuticals, Edition 1’. This is a complete Vade Mecum for each individual revealing the secret of Nutraceutical Ingredients. It’s a must read for every academician, industry professionals, doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, health professionals, health enthusiast, common consumers and literally everyone who wants to lead a healthier life. The official launch of the Compendium is expected in the month of November. This Compendium is the founding idea and concept of Mr. Sandeep Gupta, who wants to set new standards for Nutraceuticals based on scientific evidence and clinical studies becoming the enabler for the Nutraceutical Sector supporting the scientific and regulatory ecosystem.


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