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Explore Bangaram and Thinnakara Islands: Your Next Travel Destination in Lakshadweep

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited the Bangaram and Thinnakara islands in Lakshadweep making it a vacation spot for tourists. These islands are famous for their stunning beaches, crystal-clear water, and coral reefs. Despite their beauty, they possess intriguing tales that add to the story of their names.

Thinnakara island is named after a Malayalam word that means “the place where people ate.” The story goes that warriors from the Chera Kingdom sought shelter there after a shipwreck. They came across coconuts as food and drink, which is why it was named so.

Bangaram island was named after a word that means “a place where people came from.” The combatants desired to return to the mainland from that spot. A shipwreck near Bangaram dates from more than 200 years ago.

It has become a popular destination for snorkelling enthusiasts, who come across various sea creatures up close. It’s not too deep either — fish even nibble on biscuits from your hand! Bangaram used to have a casino and resorts, but they were closed down due to connectivity problems.

Only one airline and vessel operate weekly to the islands. Despite this, there are proposals to improve the islands’ connectivity and development. Bangaram and Thinnakare islands are devoid of inhabitants and surrounded by coconut trees. Bangaram has a five-star resort, but there are no shops or permanent residents.

The islands’ seclusion contributes to their charm, providing a sense of calmness that is absent in the city. Lakshadweep is a place of natural beauty and where tourists are welcomed. Some people think that it’s not as highly regarded as the Maldives or Bali. The future growth of Lakshadweep tourism is likely to include the expansion of more resorts and facilities.


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