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Friday, March 31, 2023

Family shocked as bank accounts of 2 boys gets over Rs.900cr

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The families of two boys were shocked after their bank accounts received a massive amount of money. In the meantime, a private tutor was arrested.

Asit Kumar and Guruchandra Vishwas, both from Bihar, got a large sum of over Rs. 900 crore in their bank accounts. This shocked their families as well as the whole village.

A total of Rs. 960 crore was deposited in the bank accounts of the two boys.

Kumar and Vishwas learned about the amount after going to the local State Bank of India (SBI) Centralised Precessing Centre (CPC) to find out how much the the state government had deposited in their account for school uniforms. However, the two got the shock of their life when they learned about the massive sum of money.

The lads are the account holders of Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank. While Vishwas’ account has 60 crore, Kumar’s suddenly has 900 crore.

Manoj Gupta, the branch manager, was taken aback when he learned of the problem and immediately halted the withdrawal. top officials of the bank have been notified, and an investigation will be conducted.

Meanwhile a private tutor was taken into custody on Tuesday after another case was reported from Khagaria district. The tutor, identified as Ranjit Das, got Rs.5.5 lakh in his account because of a bank error. However, Das would not return the amount in spite of notices served to him.

He though it could be a ploy to extort money from him sent by the government.

Das told the police that he felt that the government had sent the amount into his account, because of Covid-19 and the lockdown. A large number of banking frauds are committed nowadays due to which he did not return the money. 

Das was happy that he had received money from the government when he required it. Das says he spent Rs1,60, 970 to fulfill some of his needs. 

Following his arrest, a court sent him to judicial custody on Wednesday. 

The story about Das shows us that whenever we receive such a large amount of money in our bank accounts from an unknown source, we should inform about it to the police. We should also return the entire amount instead of spending the money.

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