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Fantasy esports gets a boost as FanClash, Revenant Esports partner

FanClash and Revenant Esports have signed a multi-year partnership. FanClash will interact with its followers through this relationship to provide fantasy engagement activities for them.

FanClash, an esports fantasy game app, and Revenant Esports have committed to a multi-year relationship in which the latter will serve as the former’s official partner. FanClash announced that it will communicate with its fans through this relationship in order to present them with a variety of fantasy engagement activities.

Rohit Jagasia, Revenant Esports’ founder and CEO, said, “FanClash is an aspirational name in the world of esports, and we are happy to have them partner with us.   We are optimistic in our esports roster, crew, and content producers’ long-term success. Our organization is a step forward for the nation’s esports fanbase.

Archana Sangaran, marketing director at FanClash, said, “Esports as an industry has been expanding in popularity and gaining momentum on a national and worldwide scale.Valorant, a free-to-play first-person hero shooter, has received a lot of love from the esports community. As a result, the organization has been exploring for ways to increase enthusiasm and anticipation while simultaneously increasing audience participation. Our objective has always been to make gaming more accessible by forming meaningful partnerships.

Despite the fact that people began to return to work as the impacts of the pandemic faded, the FICCI-EY media and entertainment report 2022, “Tuning into Consumer,” noted that the online gaming industry grew by 28% in 2021 to reach 101 billion. According to the estimate, there will be 390 million online gamers in 2021, an increase of 8% from 360 million in 2020, with real money games accounting for more than 70% of category revenues.

However, since the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been an increase in work-from-home and school-from-home activities, leading to the establishment of an ecosystem for laptops and mobile devices.

In India, 94% of gamers play on their mobile devices. It also predicted that there was a 17% growth from 80 million paying players in 2020 to 95 million in 2021.


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