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First G20 India development working group meeting to be held in Mumbai

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The development working group will emphasize the necessity of raising the profile of developing countries in international organizations as part of reformed multilateralism to solve modern issues during India’s G20 leadership.

Officials in India are encouraged by the nation’s capacity to serve as a bridge at a time of conflict within the G20, as it gears up for a summit under its G20 chair that will be essential to protecting the interests of developing nations.

India will use the inaugural meeting of the development working group, scheduled for December 13–16 in Mumbai, to highlight issues that are important to developing nations, according to persons with knowledge of the situation on Sunday.

One of the first working groups to be formed in 2010 is the group, which is a component of the G20’s sherpa track. Over the years, it has also been responsible for some noteworthy outputs.

The fact that all sherpas and heads of delegation, including those from the G7, Russia, and China, attended all the meetings and side events held in Udaipur as part of the first sherpas meeting, which took place from December 4–7, has encouraged officials as they get ready for the upcoming gathering.

The individuals quoted above stated that “they offered their ideas honestly and the talks were quite beneficial as everyone focused on the issues.”

A consensus communique was adopted at the G20 Summit in Bali last month following months of impasse during Indonesia’s G20 chairmanship, but divisions persisted, the persons added. According to the aforementioned person, “all delegates widely praised the progressive movement at the very beginning of India’s presidency.”

According to those with knowledge of the situation, “this underscores India’s aptitude and position to operate as a trusted bridge between different sides of the split, notably between the G7 and Russia and China, as well as between poor countries and advanced economies.”

They claim that India will advocate for an expanded role for the Global South in international decision-making during the development working group meetings, in keeping with the vow made by the Indian leadership to represent the interests of developing countries at the G20.

The development working group would emphasize the necessity of raising the profile of developing countries in international organizations as part of reformed multilateralism to solve modern issues while India holds the G20 chair, the sources stated.

By increasing the visibility of development issues throughout the G20 working streams, India will also concentrate on speeding progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A second person added, “The focus will be on transformative sectors and transitions that can catalyze multiplier effects on all SDGs, such as women-led development, digital transformations, and just green transitions.”

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development depends heavily on financing, yet developing nations have numerous obstacles in this regard.

The Covid-19 pandemic seriously impacted governments’ attempts to reach SDG targets by 2030 by limiting fiscal flexibility, and it is predicted that the financing gap for the SDGs in developing countries grew by 20%.

The second individual added, “During India’s presidency, one of the development working group’s priorities is devising a strategy that would focus on finding methods to securing cheap development funding that will not cage a country.”

The persons stated that the Indian side will also build on its efforts in digital payments, direct benefit transfers, and health by concentrating on data-related capacity-building in developing countries and utilizing “data for development” to speed up progress on the SDGs.

Since the G20’s founding in 2010, the development working group has been in charge of directing its development agenda. Additionally, it has directed this development agenda’s conformity with the SDGs. The group has addressed problems like good infrastructure and financing for sustainable development in addition to working on energy and food security, climate change, and international health catastrophes.

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