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Focus Mode for Tailored Silence: Step-by-step guide to mute certain contacts on your iPhone

Phones keep us linked in our technologically advanced world, but occasionally, especially from certain people, we need a break from the incessant calls. Your iPhone contains features that allow you to block calls from particular contacts when you need to concentrate on work or simply want some peace and quiet. This guide explores two practical ways to accomplish this.

Focus Mode for Tailored Silence: Using the iPhone’s Focus function, you can mute calls and notifications from certain contacts to create a tailored setting. Here’s how to configure it:

On your iPhone, open the Settings app and select “Focus.”
To create a unique Focus mode, click the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner. Give it a special name, then select “Next.”
Select “Silence Notifications From” under “People,” then touch “Add People.” Choose the people you wish to silence. When done, click “Done”.
Access the Control Center on your iPhone, long-press the Focus toggle, and select the newly created Focus mode to activate the Focus mode. While this Focus mode is engaged, your iPhone will now automatically mute calls from the chosen contacts.
Keep in mind that you may quickly turn off Focus mode when you’re ready to resume regular call reception.

Method of the Silent Ringtone: You may also mute calls from particular contacts by giving them a silent ringtone. Take these actions:

Select the person you wish to silence by opening the Contacts app on your iPhone.
On the contact’s profile, click “Edit” in the top-right corner.
Go down the page and click “Ringtone.” To locate a quiet ringtone, select “Tone Store” next. Pick the cost of the silent ringtone, then choose “Assign to a Contact” from the menu.
From your contact list, choose the desired person, then select “Set as Ringtone.”

You have control over the silence on your phone thanks to these techniques. You control how loud your phone rings, whether you’re in Focus Mode or utilizing quiet ringtones.


iPhones offer features to block calls from specific contacts for work or peace. Focus Mode for Tailored Silence allows users to create a tailored setting by adding people to the Silence Notifications From list. This mode automatically mutes calls from selected contacts. To silence calls, users can use a silent ringtone by selecting the desired person in the Contacts app, editing their profile, and selecting “Ringtone.” This allows users to control the volume of their phone rings, whether in Focus Mode or using quiet ringtones.

Nitin Gohil
Nitin Gohil
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