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For an Italian Odyssey: Must-See Cities on Your Summer Journey

Italy is famous for its incredible food, rich cultural heritage, historical monuments and sites, charming villages and picturesque towns and coastline. There is so much to see here that it is on the bucket-list of every traveller. Here are some of the cities in Italy, that you just cannot afford to miss.

Rome – Rome, the capital of Italy is renowned worldwide for its rich cultural heritage and is a standard part of every itinerary. It boasts of ancient ruins and tranquil parks, not to miss the Michelin-starred restaurants. Don’t forget to see the Colosseum, which is the most important relic from the Roman Empire. You can also see some of Michaelangelo’s most famous artworks in the Sistine Chapel, the Trevi fountain and the Vatican City. St. Peter’s Basilica, the world’s largest church is also a huge tourist attraction.

Venice – Venice is known for the canals that flow through the city like roads and carries water taxis along with the fleet of gondolas that it is famous for. St. Mark’s Square and the Grand Canal is mostly very crowded so if you want to enjoy a peaceful holiday, head for the smaller streets that are less crowded.

Florence – Florence is situated in the mesmerising Tuscan valley with old world avenues that lead to picturesque piazzas. As you soak up the city’s splendour, stop by the Piazza del Duomo and take in the breathtaking beauty of Santa Maria del Flor Cathedral and the romantic Ponte Vecchio, which is a 14th century bridge that overlooks the Arno river. Florence also offers a chance to see some of the masterpieces created by Michaelangelo and other famous artists of that period.

Capri – Capri is a small island off the coast of southern Italy where you can explore some of the most amazing sights by boat such as the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni Rock formations. Stroll along the high-end shops and restaurants in the evening.

Milan – Milan is known for its high-end fashion and is home to iconic fashion brands like Prada, Versace and Giorgio Armani. The Gothic Milan Cathedral and Castello Sforzesco are worth visiting.

Immerse yourself in Italy’s enchanting blend of history, art, and culinary delights for a truly unforgettable journey.

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