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Former lawyer Anmol Malhotra introduces news portal to keep your kids updated

Former lawyer Anmol Malhotra introduced Newsahoot, an online news portal that curates news stories especially for children aged 8-12.  The startup simplifies complex topics that frequently make headlines and turns them into interesting articles. 

With working parents, nuclear households, and busy neighbours, Anmol Malhotra realised that the only buddy he has with a child these days is his phone. Kids of this age are nothing more than a mirror of their phone screens, thanks to comics, cartoons, web series, television shows, and memes.

Children communicate about what they hear and copy what they see. Even with so much television time, children struggle to switch their attention to any global or educational channel.  They are rarely interested in the world’s salt and pepper; instead, they are preoccupied with scrolling whatever the screen displays.

They are not uninquisitive about their surroundings; they have many inquiries. However, there is a scarcity of information that provides a favourable path for a child’s mental process. Children want displays that are basic yet inventive and colourful.

As a result, Anmol Malhotra presented Newsahoot to our country’s children. This generation is the future, and they can only bring about genuine change if they work together.

This 19-Year-Old Is Educating Underprivileged Children Through Community Libraries. This ed-tech business, Newsahoot, simplifies the complex themes that dominate the news and converts them into fun and positive pieces for children. 

The site is organised into three sections: beginning (8 – 10-year-olds), medium (10 – 12-year-olds), and expert (12 years and more).

Anmol Malhotra attended St. John’s High School in Chandigarh and graduated from the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law in Patiala. He founded Newsahoot, an internet news portal that features kid-friendly news items.

Even though he thought that children should read the news every day in order to profit from it, he noticed that many children did not appreciate it. Anmol, who is an ardent reader of news, decided to fill the hole by inventing Newsahoot, an online platform that provides news to youngsters in a way that helps them understand, appreciate, and remember it.

Newsahoot is an online news site that curates news items exclusively for children so that they may see real-world events and understand them without being influenced by an adult or others.

The educational technology firm simplifies complicated news subjects and converts them into enjoyable pieces for three tiers of learners based on their age group. Newsahoot only publishes one story each day, six times per week.

They cover a wide range of themes, although the majority are current issues, such as the country’s political condition or current events such as the conflict in Russia and Ukraine. Anmol’s Newsahoot website also explains difficult terminology, which helps youngsters increase their vocabulary based on their reading ability. Every day at 4 p.m., the piece is published, and the followers are alerted by WhatsApp.

Anmol started the endeavour, but he was still working on the ultimate objective of giving youngsters with great news.

Anmol and his colleagues invited 30 children to their pilot programme in May to examine the quality level and received comments from parents.

Most parents were enthusiastic about it; they loved the concept, and one of them stated that her kid had been enquiring about NATO with his older brothers; he wanted to know if his oldest brother was aware of it or not. 

Another stated that the news had become dinnertime conversation. Anmol Malhotra describes how the idea for a news platform for youngsters occurred to him.

“There has been an increase in violence, communalism, and incorrect news throughout the world in recent years.”

Traditional news organisations typically convey breaking news in ways that are not appropriate for all viewers.

He said in a media interview,  “I’ve been a keen follower of current events for a long time, and I’ve also taught kids, so that’s what prompted me to launch Newsahoot. I also had the excellent opportunity of educating youngsters as part of many school and college activities. All of this knowledge came in handy when I began designing Newsahoot.” 

Anmol Malhotra aims to turn the site into an app-only service in the future. He is now working with a group of five people. However, he intends to grow the team following a round of investment.

Anmol believes that the news platform will reach as many children as possible. Despite the emphasis on scalability, Anmol faces the challenge of ensuring that the quality of the information distributed to readers is of the highest calibre.

They deliver accurate and unbiased information, and Anmol want to uphold that quality. Anmol is future-ready, with numerous initiatives ready to be implemented with the news portal, and the children who read NEWSAHOOT are also preparing for the future.


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