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From Failure to Success: The incredible journey of Ankur Tyagi who built Rs 35 Cr business in three yrs

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Ankur Tyagi is a middle-class Indian from Meerut. He opened a restaurant with a buddy when he was 21 years old, but had to close it owing to labour concerns.

He subsequently got a position at Just Dial and completed his MBA. He was exposed to electronic garbage while working at Panasonic, which changed the trajectory of his life.

He founded Prithvi Cleantech Private Limited in 2020 in company of having just Rs 6 lakh which was borrowed from his mother’s funds, and in less than three years, he has made Rs 35 crore in income.

He was among the first to enter the sector of lithium ion battery recycling. His father, Vinay Tyagi, practises organic farming in a hamlet near Meerut, and his mother, Anita Tyagi, taught at the prestigious Meerut Public School.

Ankur was among the first to enter the sector of lithium ion battery recycling. In 2020, Ankur was hired as a warehouse manager at Panasonic in Gurugram. By 2020, he had decided to establish a new firm devoted to battery recycling.

He assembled a group of eight scrap dealers and provided Sungeel India Recycling Ltd with lithium ion battery debris. In February 2021, he opened a business in the Morta Industrial Area near Meerut with the ability to recycle 40 metric tonnes of e-waste.

In the current fiscal year, the company has done Rs 14 crore in business and expects to conclude at Rs 50 crore. Ankur and his wife Anshu have a 4-year-old kid called Prithvi, which means “earth,” and Ankur named their firm with the same name. They travelled all throughout Uttarakhand, covering almost 1.25 lakh km.

Ankur now owns three vehicles: a Honda City, a Swift, and a Tata Harrier.


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