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“Salute!” to disabled man who used just one hand to pull cart full of clothes

A video showing a disabled guy dragging a cart with one hand while using crutches has gone popular on the internet. One viewer commented,...

92-YO man shows how to live a happier & better life at Starbucks

A 92-year-old man has shared his wisdom with a person he met at Starbucks on how to live a better life. He said to...

After a bike accident, a US guy wakes up thinking it’s 1993 and asks his wife to marry again

The 58-year-old claimed that his wife is the only one who helped him survive the tragedy, even though he has no memory of it. Last...

Know how Aditya Verma turned his life around after he was stuck in a job

Aditya Verma, was despondent, addicted to Netflix, and eating his way to diabetes while stuck in a job he despised. He revealed how he...
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Inspiring story of Balvant Parekh who became India’s Fevicol man from a peon

Balvant Parekh, who is known as India's Fevicol man, had been  a freedom fighter, trader,  and even a peon. He was the founder of...

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