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From IIT dropout to Rs 12,100 Cr net worth: Meet Thomas Kurian who is richer than Google boss Sundar Pichai

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Kurian Thomas, the CEO of Google Cloud, is now the second richest Indian CEO in the entire globe. His wealth exceeds that of Sundar Pichai, who is the CEO of Google. Thomas Kurien began his life in the Indian state of Kerala. He did not finish his education at IIT Madras.

Everyone is familiar with the achievements of Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google. There is another Indian-American working for Google who is wealthy than Sundar Pichai, and that person is also an Indian-American. Thomas Kurian is the guy in question, and he was born in Kerala. Who has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Google Cloud since the year 2018?

Thomas Kurian is now the second wealthiest CEO of Indian origin in the entire globe. The amount of money that Thomas Kurian has amassed is far higher than that of his superior, Sundar Pichai. Another way to introduce him is by saying that he is the twin brother of George Kurian, who has served as CEO of NetApp since 2015.

The senior Kurian of the Kurian family worked in the field of chemical engineering. St. Joseph’s Boys High School in Bangalore is where he received his diploma upon completing his secondary education. Both of the brothers have exceptional mental capacity. Both attended the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras.

Thomas Kurian was offered a place at Princeton University in the United States, but he decided to attend there instead of IIT Madras. He migrated to the United States when he was 16 years old. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, he attended Stanford Graduate School of Business to earn his Master of Business Administration.

In 2018, I became a Google employee.

The first job that Thomas Kurian ever had was with the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. He remained employed by the organization for a total of six years. In this role, he was in charge of leading the consulting team that worked with the CEO.

Following this, he made the transition to Oracle in the year 1996. Where he worked for the following 22 years and oversaw a team that encompassed 35,000 individuals located in 32 different nations. After this, in the year 2018, he resigned from his position at the firm due to disagreements with Larry Ellison, the company’s co-founder, and eventually joined Google.

Thomas Kurian is the proud owner of assets that are worth a total of 121,000,000 rupees.

In the year 2022, the net worth of Google CEO Sundar Pichai was 5300 crores, the net worth of Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayan was Rs 3800 crores, and the net wealth of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was 6200 crores, as stated by the Hurun India List.

While Thomas Kurian’s personal wealth was estimated at 12,100 billion rupees. Only Jayshree Ullal of Arista Networks was ahead of him in the competition. The total amount of wealth that Jayshree Ullal possessed was 1,810,000 crores.


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