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From Maang Tikkas to Bangles: Essential pieces of jewellery for every Indian bride

There are few must-have jewellery pieces that complete an Indian bride’s ensemble, from timeless necklaces to elegant maang tikkas and dazzling bangles.

Weddings are the ultimate expression of love and commitment and the centre of attraction of every wedding is no doubt the bride herself. Every bride’s dream is to look her best on this special day and she leaves no stone unturned to look beautiful.

Here are some essential pieces of jewellery that every Indian bride should have on her list:

Necklace – A necklace is a must have for any bride. It should complement the bride’s dress and add a finishing touch to her overall looks. Different types of necklaces are available such as choker which is a hot favourite of every bride and is available in both gold and diamond. Rani Haar is more traditional and looks elegant with any outfit. It gives a regal look to the bride’s wedding attire.

Maang Tikka – It is a small chain worn on the head with the front danggling on the bride’s forehead. Exquisite designs are available to choose from and is an essential part of jewellery for every bride. This gorgeous piece of jewellery makes the bride look like a princess.

Bangles – Bangles are synonymous with brides and can never be forgotten. These gleaming, handcrafted bangles are a sight to behold and add beauty to the bride’s ensemble. Countless varieties of bangles are readily available; from intricate designs to embellished metals, antique temple designs to gold and diamond bangles, the list is endless.

Nose Ring – A simple nose ring can become the highlight of a bride’s face. Traditionally, the nose ring was worn after getting the nose pierced but nowadays clip-on nose rings are readily available and can be used instead.

Waistband – These come in various styles and lengths and are wrapped around the waist. They effectively draw attention towards the bride’s outfit and of course the waistline. It complements both sarees and lehenga alike and is the most captivating piece of jewellery in a bride’s collection.

Earrings – Earrings can transform the bride’s look instantly and add glamour to the looks. Jhumka is the most loved type of earring that bride’s also prefer to wear.

With a numerous of options available, a bride’s choice of jewellery becomes a personal expression of her style and cultural heritage, making her bridal look truly unforgettable.


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