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From Unused to Essential: Drugbank’s Legacy of Healthcare for the poors in Gujarat : Join the Drive for the Noble Mission

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Showcasing the power of community, a remarkable charitable initiative where surplus medicines are collected and then distributed to those in need has been operating in the state of Gujarat. 

In the present times, where healthcare has become an increasingly costly affair, right from visiting a doctor or a trip to the pharmacy can put a heavy financial burden on a commoner’s pocket; there was a need to start a movement where we, as a society can help those in the adverse situation.

Drugbank, a beacon of hope in Gujarat, is a mission conceptualised 17 years ago by the Late Advocate Harshadbhai Haribhai Acharya. The humanitarian founded this charitable trust in Bhavnagar to ensure that those in need receive vital drugs promptly and free so that the healthcare gap that often plagues underprivileged communities can be bridged. The campaign became a lifesaver as soon as it came into operation. Today, this registered trust serves in the city of Bhavnagar – Gujarat. It serves about 3K plus prescriptions and utilises nearly 18 Lakhs of unused medicines monthly.

There are multiple ways the platform collects unused medicines. It has placed drug boxes at various places for the public and NGOs to drop their medication. Pharma companies, medical representatives and stores are also approached to donate their surpluses. Some volunteers visit places to collect the medicines on their behalf. Once the drugs reach the platform, they are sorted strictly on the prescribed procedures. The sorted and good-to-go drugs are then disbursed to walk-in patients carrying valid prescriptions at the Drugbank’s designated store in Bhavnagar. It is to be noted that Drugbank store is operational all days except Sundays & public holidays from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

The members of Drugbank encourage individuals and corporates to contribute, whether through medicines or financial support, to help empower health in the community. They are calling for financial support from residents of Gujarat to further help people by purchasing some commonly prescribed medicines that run out of stock frequently. A little help can make an immediate difference in the lives of those who depend on this vital service.

The current coordinator of Drugbank and a respected industrialist in Gujarat, Achyutbhai Mehta, has played a vital role in preserving and advancing this noble mission. He says, “Our goal is to ensure that no one is deprived of essential medicines due to financial constraints.” He also stresses that this noble vision needs to extend far beyond the boundaries of Bhavnagar. He calls upon the proud sons and daughters of Gujarat, local businesses and companies owned by Gujaratis nationwide to unite in a cause that transcends healthcare challenges. The trust is a registered charitable entity that meets all legal compliances & license formalities. They can receive under the 80G and accept donations under CSR from companies.

The managing trustee of the Drugbank, Punit Acharya, elaborates on the significance of such initiatives. He states that Drugbank is more than a charity; it’s a collective movement that unites hearts and minds to address critical healthcare challenges, right from local impact to national reach.

Interested volunteers/sponsors can reach Drugbank at: www.drugbankofgujarat.com OR WhatsApp No.: 9426463548

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