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G Pranay Reddy’s Film-DHARMACHAKRAM Is a Powerful Journey in The Fight Against Prostitution

Another South Indian Movie is getting ready to immerse you in a powerful cinematic experience. Tollywood producer G Pranay Reddy’s Dharmachakram is a provocative film exposing the evils of prostitution set to hit theatres soon. The new movie is a ground-breaking film that explores the traumatic world of prostitution. It is set to enthral audiences with its raw portrayal of a young girl’s fight against a society that spreads injustice.

Socio-political dramas are the new age grippers of the cinema world. Many production houses are keen on making such films. OTTs have special consideration for such unique films in this era. Renowned Tollywood producer, Gudur Pranay Reddy, is thinking of making a series on this pervasive issue that will explore many untold stories of women caught in the clutches of a ruthless world shaped by forced prostitution.

The film highlights the profound impact of societal indifference, the exploitative and dehumanizing realities a woman faces, her guts to challenge perceptions, and her fights against the demons of society and the government. The plot, which is a journey of resilience and rebellion, will surely inspire a collective call for change.

Dharmachakram ‘s story revolves around the tale of twin sisters and how they are affected by the depraved society and their surroundings. This movie portrays the life of an ordinary yet hardworking and determined girl who has a miserable childhood. The girl, who undergoes repeated atrocities by perverts and conmen, is later driven by an unwavering spirit, rebels against the oppressive forces & challenges the status quo. The movie excels in exposing some real-life incidents on screen. This film also educates on how to fight against sexual atrocities and evil-minded people and fight for the right to leave prostitution and live a dignified life.

Dharmachakram is a collaboration of Talent and Vision. At the helm is the Director Rabin Naidu Athimalla & producer Gudur Pranay Reddy & his Padma Narayana Creative Team known for their fearless approach to storytelling. The film is made under the Padma Narayana Production banner.

Producer Gudur Pranay Reddy said, “Our movie’s production work is completed, and we are prepared to release the movie in multiple languages soon. Telugu cinema audiences are always promising when it comes to experimental movies. The movie is nothing but a heroic tale of challenging prostitution stitched in with some real-life incidents. We hope to spread this much-needed message far and wide. Dharmachakram will hit the screens by the end of June ’23.

The film features an exceptional cast of Delhi NCR 2018 Winner Miss Monika Chauhan, Sri Krishna Gorle, Priya Koppula, Dhruva, Narsimha Rao and a supporting ensemble of talented crew members. www.pollab.in


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