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Generative AI startup Hexo secures $270K led by Antler India’s initiative

Generative AI startup Hexo has secured $270,000 as pre-seed funding. VC firm Antler India led the funding through its Antler India Residency initiative.

Antler India, a venture capital firm, sponsored the $270,000 pre-seed fundraising round for the generative AI startup Hexo.

Hexo is developing an open-source picture creation API that gives a variety of settings to improve the predictability and accuracy of image generation. This fine-tuner tool for businesses aims to make it simple for them to create unique image generating engines based on the brand, goods, people, characters, intellectual property, etc. of the firm.

Vignesh Baskaran, co-founder of Hexo, said, “Our initial product is a fine-tuner allowing organisations to construct unique picture production engines. Although AI image production has revolutionised the technology industry, it excels greatest when producing works of art for aesthetic reasons. Enterprises require a high level of customization and picture production within a constrained framework in order to employ this cutting edge technology. They are able to accomplish this because of us.”

Nitin Sharma, a partner at Antler India, said: “We have been constantly monitoring the breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence, and it is impossible to dismiss the promise of this game-changing technology. A set of infrastructure and tooling firms will be required for the new technological platform known as “generative AI” in order to build the groundwork for businesses, startups, and people to more easily take advantage of its potential. We are happy to support Hexo in their endeavour to provide the vital infrastructure layer for generative AI. Hexo was founded at our first-ever Antler India Residency.  We see in Kunal and Vignesh a team that is technically competent to stay up with this quickly changing market and has the skills to produce a large-scale, international offering.”

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