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Get yourself a Lucky name 

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Numerology is very popular today, with film stars, television artistes, sportspersons, businesspersons, and other celebrities getting their names altered in a quest for better fame and fortune. 

Numerology believes that people face problems in life due to an unfavourable birth number, destiny number or name number. Numerology believes that by correcting a name suitably, most of the negative effects of an unfavourable birth date or name can be reduced or even eliminated completely, when accompanied by sincere efforts.

Dr.Srinivasan.S is a renowned Numerologist based in Mumbai. He holds an MBA and a PhD degree. He has held senior positions in reputed companies before retiring as General Manager of an advertising agency. He has also been a visiting faculty at several Management Colleges in Mumbai. He has studied and researched Numerology for over three decades. 

When you consult Dr.Srinivasan.S for Numerological name correction, he will analyse your name and date of birth and alter the spelling of your name to bring it to a Numerologically fortunate name number. 

Unlike some other Numerologists, Dr.Srinivasan.S does not ask you to change your name. He says that since our parents give us our name with love and affection, all names are good. However, most names can be made Numerologically more fortunate. He will correct your name Numerologically and simply ask you to use the corrected name as your nickname informally among your family and friends, while continuing to use your present name as before. 

And since you will retain your present name without any change, you don’t need to get your name changed in any documents like PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc.

Dr.Srinivasan.S believes that not only celebrities, but everybody should benefit from Numerology. You can now consult Dr.Srinivasan.S from anywhere in India, online or through phone meeting, video meeting or in-person meeting (in-person meetings are in Mumbai only). His rates start from Rs.600 only, per person. 

He will email you a detailed Numerology report that will contain your corrected name, along with suggestions for your lucky numbers, lucky colours, suitable professions, etc. 

In addition to regular name correction services, Dr.Srinivasan.S also offers Premium Numerology services. Gold Pass – ideal for celebrities and other busy people who want a private meeting with him without waiting in queue. And Corporate Pass for Numerologically fortunate names for movies, TV/web series, hotels, restaurants, products, etc. 

Dr.Srinivasan.S also offers an Intensive course in Name Numerology. This course is very different from some other courses in the market, as it doesn’t teach Lo-Shu grid, but is based on Chaldean Numerology which is an ancient system of Numerology that originated centuries ago.

You can apply for a lucky name or enroll for the Numerology course from anywhere in India through his website https://drsrinivasans.com

You can consult him for a lucky name for yourself, for your family members, and for your new-born child too. Dr.Srinivasan is very much in demand, so make sure to book in advance. Go ahead, get yourself a lucky name.


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