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Built a Rs 2,500 crore turnover FMCG Brand with investment of Rs 10 lacs

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It takes a visionary and a sharp, shrewd business brain to construct a Rs 2,500-crore turnover FMCG brand from a spot like Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, which used to be a genuine modest community, harking back to the 1980s. At 29, Ghanshyam Khandelwal began the business as an association firm alongside his sibling in 1985 with Rs 10 lakh. The organization sold bundled mustard oil under the brand name of Bail Kolhu. 

Enlisting a turnover of Rs 80 lakh in its first year, the business developed year on year turning into a private restricted in 1998 and in the long run opening up to the world in 2007. 

In year 2000, the organization crossed the Rs 100 crore turnover mark and in 2010 contacted Rs 1,000 crore yearly turnover. 

In 2018, the organization dispatched a wide scope of food items under the brand name of Nourish. The organization has opened around 12 Nourish Exclusive Brand Outlets till date and planning to open more this year.

About His Family –  

Ghanshyam Khandelwal, a science graduate, hails from a family that has been into mustard oil business since World War II. Today, Ghanshyam, 64, and is the Chairman and Managing Director of BL Agro Limited

Ghanshyam grew up with five sisters and two siblings. He went to Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital, where he concentrated from Class six to eight and later finished his Class nine and 10 in Etawa, Pratapgarh at KP Inter College. 

He recognized the significant issues influencing nature of the oil and tracked down that the quality relied on the organization of gums (phospholipids) in mustard seeds, thus he dispatched cold squeezed oil when he began his own organization in 1986. 

“In chilly squeezed oil, the gum substance can be isolated and the oil quality can be controlled,” he clarifies. 

Ghanshyam’s dad died in 1981. His dad’s sibling assumed control over the privately-owned company in 1985 and gave him Rs 10 lakh as his offer. 

His Success Story – 

He dispatched Bail Kolhu in 1986 with that cash,” says Ghanshyam, who began the business with his more youthful kin, Dileep. In 1990, the organization enlisted for Agmark, which was a significant resource for quality items back then. 

In 1998, the organization confronted an emergency when the public authority restricted mustard oil after bits of gossip spread that the item was causing dropsy in individuals. 

“He went hard and fast and publicized in papers clarifying that mustard oil was not hurtful, and our business rose. What’s more, this was the opportunity I came to be known as UP’s oil lord,” he shares. 

The organization, he says, has been utilizing gas chromatography interaction to check the immaculateness of oil since 1991 and that the public authority made it obligatory just this year. 

He additionally guarantees that BL Agro Limited was quick to present packaged mustard oil in Uttar Pradesh. “We utilized self-loader bundling machines, which he had seen on my outing to Singapore. 

His Ladder of Success – 

During one of his excursions to Europe, Ghanshyam says he had seen a couple of sorts of blended oil that were being sold as mixed oil, however the equivalent was considered as contaminated in India. 

Ghanshyam Khandelwal, who has been a pioneer in presenting new innovation in this conventional business. 

From 1990-2003 their plant was situated at Madhav Waadi mechanical territory in Bareilly. Afterward, they moved to Parsa Kheda Industrial Area. 

In 2006, they set up their first treatment facility with bundling limit of 50 tons each day at Parsa Khera. Presently the limit has expanded to 550 tons each day in this unit. 

In 2011 another processing plant was set up in Joharpur Industrial Area with bundling limit of 250 tons oil each day. 

The organization set up a completely programmed plant in 2015, which expanded the absolute refining ability to 600 tons each day and the bundling ability to 1100 tons each day. 

Ghanshyam Khandelwal got hitched to Ragini in 1977. Their child Ashish Khandelwal, 43, is Executive Director in the organization, and little girl Richa Khandelwal, 40, is the Brand Spokesperson. 

Ashish has added to modernizing the tasks. “We moved from self-loader to a completely mechanized bundling plant, which is conceivably the awesome the country in our industry,” he says. 

“During his growing up years, I had perceived how my dad constructed the business without any preparation and took it to extraordinary statures. His excursion has consistently propelled him. Simultaneously it was a test to extend further and take the organization to a higher level.

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