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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Global sensation song “Are You Okay?” released it’s official MV

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Miss Ton Chanseyma is Cambodia’s top singer and her song “Are You Ok?” Which is Famous on TikTok is also officially released M / V today, which features melodies and lyrics By Cambodian real estate tycoon Leng Navatra, who owns the GALAXY NAVATRA song production, written in English by Heng Long and composed by TEMPO TRIS, directed by Rawyer – Juedy – Run Sokheng.

“Are You Ok?” Khmer songs which is popular all over the world

In Tik Tok, People found a song called “Are You Ok?” Is rocking with a lot of participation from big countries around the world, which can be said to be the first song that Cambodia has such a global popularity, and this song is a song of GALAXY NAVATRA Production sung by Miss Ton Chanseyma, the top young singer in Cambodia. 

WOW “Are You Ok?” Khmer song is very famous around the world

Many countries around the world have been playing the song “Are You Ok?” On the TikTok network to the surprise of millions. The song is originally from Cambodia and is sung by Miss Ton Chanseyma in GALAXY NAVATRA Production. This song was written by the owner of the production that is rocking in the world, and today the song is also officially released as an MV, you can watch the full song at the link below:


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