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Friday, April 19, 2024

Google brings new visual elements to Search, Maps and more

The era of Tiktok and Reels has made it difficult for Google to ignore shifting trends. This has prompted Google to make  search more visual and maps more immersive.

For the majority of you, Google Search is the internet, and it is now changing to provide more granular facts. Search is the most recent product to swing toward videos, which have now emerged as the preferred medium for this generation.

The era of Tiktok and Reels has made it difficult for Google to ignore shifting trends, and Search is now feeling the consequences. Google Lens is already an important aspect of the search giant’s visual search ecosystem, and it is now combining the two to provide superior text and visual search results.

Google’s new multisearch tool allows users to search “using pictures and text concurrently, similar to how you would point at something and ask a buddy a question about it,” according to a blog post.

The function was in beta, but it is now being expanded to cover more than 70 languages, which will be accessible in the next months. So, the next time you come across an item, such as a book or a plant, and wish to purchase it from a local store, multisearch will be there to assist you.

The next Google product to benefit from visual search is Translate. “Thanks to a machine learning technology called Generative Adversarial Networks, we can now mix translated text into the backdrop image. For example, if you aim your camera at a magazine in another language, you’ll now see translated text convincingly layered onto the photographs beneath,” the blog post continues.

Finally, there’s Maps, the most important search tool these days. The immersive view is coming to Google Maps, allowing users to gain a better idea of a location before visiting.

“You can zoom into the neighborhood and restaurant to get a sense of what it may be like on the day and time you want to meet up, picturing factors like the weather and understanding how crowded it might be,” according to the feature highlights.

Google has stated that additional adjustments and enhancements would be made to Search, and it is clear that the firm is concerned about the influence of TikTok on its business, so incorporating more visual components might assist its development in the future.


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