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Google CEO prepares employees for challenges as public tests ChatGPT rival Bard

Google has made it’s ChatGPT competitor Bard available for public testing, and the AI chatbot is generating headlines. Siddharth Pichai, the company’s CEO, is said to have cautioned his workers that “things will go wrong” when customers test out bard.

Google just released Bard, their ChatGPT competitor, for public testing. The AI chatbot can react to user inquiries in a simpler fashion and builds its responses using data from the internet. Google’s Bard is new to the AI sector and is still in its early phases of testing, so it is going to make mistakes now and again. In an email to staff, Google CEO Sundar Pichai cautioned them of Bard’s potential blunders.

Bard was made available to a small group of users in the United Kingdom and the United States. Those who want to utilise the town’s new AI chatbot must sign up for the waitlist and wait for access. Google Bard is not yet accessible in India, but Google hopes to make it available in other countries as well.

By creating Bard, Google attempted to compete with ChatGPT. Yet, within days of its release, Bard was being chastised for inappropriate replies, factual inaccuracies, and other flaws. When media pointed out that Bard had offered a factually false response in its commercial, a scandal developed.

Google had urged its workers to correct the chatbot’s error and help test Bard in order to enhance the chatbot’s responses. According to reports, Google’s vice president of search, Prabhakar Raghavan, had sent an email and asked its staff to assist work on Bard and modify its replies. Reports further added that the email also provided a link to a do’s and don’ts page with instructions for personnel working with Bard.

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